Cheers to 9 Years

This spring marks 9-years since I brought my third child home from the hospital and fired my boss in corporate America to launch my first marketing agency, which 9-years later has grown into a new world media entity, with the flagship business being a marketing firm that’s helping our clients to grow their business via lead generation strategy by developing, implementing and managing the day-to-day marketing for our clients.

We’ve also got a marketing conference that’s impacted thousands of people and coming back in 2022. And who could forget the print publication that featured over 70+ businesses in the Youngstown Region.

In the process, we’ve not really stopped for a minute to smell the roses, maybe something we need to get better at…

Since we launched the business almost a decade ago, we re-located back to Youngstown, Ohio and it’s been an amazing ride. Where we started and where we are now both professionally and personally…

In that 9-years we added a fourth kiddo to the mix who is now 4 1/2, didn’t see that coming. All three businesses, the agency, DOYO Live and the ICONS of Youngstown are all still chugging along despite a global pandemic, a hectic life at home with 4-very active children, and new addition to our family a very happy 7-month old labrador retriever name Sonny.


What’s the secret?

While I’m extremely proud of the fact that we’ve helped many businesses over the past 9-years grow, along with improving the lives of the people that attend our conferences, networking events and webinars. This was extremely important over the past 2 or 3 years. Some of those businesses we helped, managed to help them stay in business through some very crazy times.

The other secret is simple…I (we) deliver results to our clients by being hyper-focused on business growth through lead generation.

I’m FOREVER grateful for the clients that want to work with me, all of you that are fans and part of the DOYO Live Community, our DOYO Live Sponsors – iSYNERGY’s been with us for over three years and it’s great to be a part of their new brand Lift Marketing, Crowe’s Cabinets, ICONS of Youngstown, Alpha Omega Commercial Cleaning, Hello.Website, Sure Line Commercial Parking Lot Solutions, AIM Transportation, DataFirst, Inc., More Options Realty, Tri-Area Electric and Hello.Website. I cannot list them all individually over the years but here’s a list…

Thanks to all of you that follow us on social media, read our posts, watch our podcast, come to the networking events and even fill out post-event surveys that help us make improvements along the way.

This past week we really didn’t even stop to pop bottles or blow out candles to celebrate our 9-years. We did however ramp up a new client…This one is really special and couldn’t be more fitting on our 9th anniversary. 

 I’m super pumped for my son Mikey (pictured below) who just turned 13-years old this April. I helped him launch his grass-cutting business, and friends, no matter what anyone tells ya…

The power of Facebook is still very real. 

One really real authentic Facebook post has landed him all the work he can handle. I’m a proud Dad. Honestly as cool as it is to be around for 9-years…It’s way cooler as a Dad to see my kid come home happy and have a sense of fulfillment from earning a buck from working.

And yes…Dad helped junior get started and get a few jobs. BUT…I would also argue that every day Dad is helping my clients get business. So this is the one time he’s lucky with having a Dad that has some know-how…

And in case you are wondering, he does get the family discount!

If you follow us on Instagram, you know that my kids, my family, are into mountain biking, and snowboarding and do play a lot of traditional spots. So junior is looking at getting his next mountain bike, and they aren’t cheap.

A shout out to Sweet Water Bikes just over the border in Western PA, near Pittsburgh. I introduced my son and explained the situation and she’s working with him (and myself) on a fee structure. He should have a brand new dual-suspension mountain bike in a couple of weeks, just in time for summer.

And while I’m helping him get started I’ve passed their phone numbers to him. Now it’s on him to run this how he needs to…

I honestly cannot think of a more valuable lesson, one that I remember learning at the exact age. We have dreams for our kids, but our kid’s dreams should be theirs and not ours…I’ve always told them whatever they do, be happy. If that’s running your own business great, if not that’s great too. One thing is for sure, as my older wiser neighbor told me several years ago…If you teach your kids to hustle and work, that takes care of a lot of life’s problems, I agree with him 1000%!!!

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