3 Reasons to Attend DOYO Live in 2018

Get Inspired

It’s fun to see a sea of people that are inspired to grow, learn, network and share ideas on marketing strategy.

It’s about growing your business and becoming empowered to do your job better. It’s not just about Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, although we’ve got awesome content being presented that will help you get better engagement.

We’ve had over 500+ participants in our first two years. That includes attendees (DOYO Live-ers), speakers and sponsors.

DOYO Live Opening Remarks – Jim Tressel

There’s so much energy at DOYO Live, it’s a really great opportunity to get out from behind your desk, connect with other marketing, business, sales and design professionals.

In addition to the attendees, we’ve had 4-dynamic keynotes, 35+ breakout sessions, 3-deep-dive workshops, 2-DJ’s spinning tunes, 1-house band and our legendary after-party.

This all adds up to the DOYO Live experience that’s inspiring others to implement marketing strategy presented at the conference, connect with a new meaningful relationship and have a great experience at the premier marketing event of the year in Youngstown, Ohio.

Not to mention our net promoter score in each of our first two years is 99%. DOYO Live will help to inspire you in a number of different ways, you don’t want to miss out!!!


Grow professionally. DOYO Live’s featured some of the top marketing and business minds in the world. That’s right in the world.

DOYO Live 2016 Keynote was none other than Joe Pulizzi, Founder of the Content Marketing Institute and Content Marketing World in Cleveland, Ohio, which attracts over 4,000 attendees from around the world.

DOYO Live 2016 Keynote – Joe Pulizzi

Joe’s been listed by Forbes as one of the most influential people in marketing today and is typically a speaker at some of the most well-known conferences in the country.

Debra Jasper, CEO of Mindset Digital was our 2017 keynote. Our DOYO Live attendees are still talking about the information presented during her keynote. Debra speaks all over the country and runs social selling programs for companies like Nationwide Insurance.

DOYO Live 2017 Keynote – Debra Jasper

In our first two years, we’ve had close to 35+ breakout sessions that serve a very wide audience. Everything from Facebook 101 to using big data to make your digital marketing decisions.

80% of our speakers are typically from or have a tie back to the Youngstown, Ohio Area.

We’ve had people come from California, Colorado, Maryland, North Carolina, New York, Toronto (technically we are an international trade show), and surrounding cities in Ohio and Pennsylvania like Cleveland, Canton, Akron, Kent, Warren, Youngstown, Erie and Pittsburgh, PA.

Not to mention we’ve had breakout session leaders that have presented at some of the largest most prestigious marketing conferences in the world, including Content Marketing World, Inbound by HubSpot, Marketo’s Marketing Summit, Adobe Creative World, Salesforce, LinkedIn, and PubCon.

Our talent pool is deep, DOYO Live is the most bang for the buck you will get in terms of the value of talent, networking, and price.

Keeping up with the current state of marketing is tough for all of us. The velocity of how things are changing is why a digital marketing conference is the go to resource for keeping up with that change.

We aren’t just digital, we have a number of breakouts dedicated to the marketing process, including our all-day workshops.

And when you aren’t in a keynote, breakout, workshop there’s always an opportunity to connect with others to share ideas!



Over 500+ marketing, business, sales and design professionals attended DOYO Live in each of our first two years.

Not to mention a number of students that are extremely motivated to get their first job out of school. Colleges such as Youngstown State University, Kent State, and the University of Akron have all been actively participating in DOYO Live since our inception.

Attendees get together and create meaningful relationships that turn into an awesome peer network, people are getting jobs, creating opportunities to do business with one another and generating leads.

There’s no bigger concentration of marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, designs, sales executives, and businesses owners in one spot on a singular day than at DOYO Live.

We consistently hear, “we met at DOYO Live.!”

That’s an awesome feeling!

The makeup of the

audience are people from all industries and levels in their professional career. We see a healthy share of marketing executives about 30% of our audience are VP and executive-level marketing, directors and managers, sales executives and business owners. Again this is a totally awesome opportunity to come and connect with people in business.



DOYO Live is a digital marketing and interactive design conference in Youngstown, Ohio. We are committed to the ongoing professional development of marketing, sales, business and design professionals through our online applications, webinars, blog, in-person workshops, public speaking and our annual marketing conference.

DOYO Live is heading into it’s 3rd year…We’ve had over 500+ people participate in our first two years and managed to sell out each of our venues. We’d love to see you at DOYO Live in 2018!