3 Tips on Healthcare Marketing

In 2007 people that I was crazy for marketing a healthcare services provider on social media. 10 years later, that’s not such a ridiculous thought. In this episode of the DOYO Live Daily, I give 3-tips on healthcare marketing.

1. Content Marketing – Leverage content marketing year round to grow an audience with providing value with healthcare advice (not claims) on living well, preventive injury, diabetes health, etc. so when you have a Movember Month or Breast Cancer Awareness campaign you will have a built in audience.

2. Leverage Modern Day Technology – Create wellness programs with FitBit’s and Apple Watches, anything that’s wearable. Implement competition’s within your healthcare organization that you commit to be fit or with your patients. A pro-active vs. reactive medical approach.

3. Content Contributors – Turn your entire organization into your marketing department. Get your people to engage with your content on social media. How many people work for you hospital? They can all like, share and comment on content on a consistent basis. Engage your physicians, administration, nurses into contributing to video, blog, etc. that will position them and your organization as experts. The marketing/pr person becomes the organizer of the editorial calendar and a content editor vs. creator.

There is a healthcare marketing component to DOYO Live. Several of our speakers including Mike Sevilla, MD aka Dr. Mike & Sean Dent are leading a breakout session at DOYO Live on how they built a brand in healthcare through digital marketing on social media. They’ve both been at it for a decade and will explain how they did it. If you are a healthcare marketing professional, physican or nurse DOYO is for you!

Our keynote speaker Debra Jasper, will also have an impact on your healthcare marketing + Lisa Arledge Powell has presented at the Mayo Clinic Social Media Healthcare Summitt and worked with organizations like OSU Medical Center. She’s at DOYO Live breakout session leader.

DOYO Live, digital marketing and interactive design conference is taking place on August 3, 2017, at Youngstown State University in the Williamson College of Business. Get your tickets today at http://ow.ly/woP730d2pU5


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