3 Ways to Avoid Emotionally Fueled Social Media Posts

#DOYOLive Daily – Religion, politics and money, 3-things that you don’t discuss at a cocktail party why do you want to talk about it on social media. Take these 3-tips to avoiding career limiting activity:
-Don’t post during times of high emotional stress.
-Never post when you’ve had too many adult beverages.
-Always hold back hitting the send button for 1-day to avoid knee-jerk reactions.
What tips do you recommend prior to hitting the send button that can be deemed controversial on social media?

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DOYO Live is a digital marketing and UX design conference being held in Youngstown, Ohio on August 2 & 3, 2017. Our event will feature a world class keynote speaker soon to be named, 15+ breakout sessions, thought leadership panel, deep dive workshops, networking, partner hub to interact with sponsors, exploratory short form content marketing video exhibition and a now legendary after party.

DOYO Live is one of the premier marketing conferences in Ohio and located near Pittsburgh, PA in Youngstown, Ohio.

New this year will be deep dive workshops and short form video are new this year. DOYO Live’s mission is to provide ongoing professional development for marketing, sales, business and design professionals through our web properties, in-person workshops, and the annual conference. Last year over 200+ attendees came to DOYO Live and likely will double in size this year.