5 Posting Tactics You Can Start Using Today On Instagram

By: Dennis Schiraldi, DOYO Live

Let’s face it…

Social media engagement is severely limited in 2017, as it’s become a pay-to-play strategy.

However, Instagram still feels like that one social media platform where you can get all types of engagement.

Think about it…When is the last time you posted a picture on your Facebook Page and you got Likes or even a Comment?

We are talking puppies and babies people.

Same with Twitter and the list goes on.

Instagram is that one social media platform where you can post content and get likes, comments and still grab mindshare.

I get very tactical with Instagram on the DOYO Live Instagram Profile. I’d like to share with you the strategy that I use in order to get engagement and grow our following:

Consistency Is Key But…

1. Post consistently but also test in micro-sprints. Be sure to connect your Instagram with your Facebook Business Page to get Instagram Analytics.

Location, Location, Location

2. Rotate your location every so many posts. From geographic location to businesses, etc.


Tag, You’re It

3. Tag 20 people, how and why changes per post and not the same 20-people each post. Sometimes it’s news media, others its influencers and sometimes it’s prospects.


Hash Tag Your Way to The Top

4. Currency for Insta…Branded vs. generic, 1 to 10 to 30 #’s per post just depends, sometimes a comment, use the period to hide hashtags and sometimes leave a secondary comment, others leave no comment and just #’s. I rotate and evaluate.



5. What are you going to post? Is there value to what you are going to share with people. I typically rotate again, to keep it fresh. Our speakers, the city, concepts, me with people AKA the DOYO Live selfie…Sometimes it’s black and white, others I’m just dressing up pictures. But you have to keep it fresh and what people want to see.

Also, something to keep in mind. I will mix up and blend these together. So I will add location, 20-hashtags and tag 20-people. My next post I may tag no one and leave 4-hashtags.

I’m always testing and measuring. This should help…Be sure to follow us on Instagram at DOYO Live.



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