5-Tips for Better Email Marketing by Ross Morrone

DOYO Live Daily guest contributor Ross Morrone from This is Marketing Podcast discusses Email Marketing.

5-Tips for Better Email Marketing – Be sure to check it out. Ross is crushing it and advice you can start using today!

Email marketing survived the social media onslaught. And is a very viable option in marketing + it can be a make or break. 5 really important tips for a successful

1. Choose the right platform – MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc. email client is very important. A/B testing subject, content and time of day. List building, forms + your ability to segment. Treat your customers differently from your newsletter subscribers. Email client should have robust options. DOYO Live use MailChimp!

2. Build Your List Slowly – It’ll provide you with better engagement. Purchased vs. earned. Open rates will be higher, engagement will be more meaningful with earned emails. Purchased lists will have volume but lack in depth. Danny Catullo, uses a sign-up sheet at the check out Catullo Prime Meats. Great idea and a perfect concept to growing your list. It’s slow growth but patience pays off.

3. A/B Testing – Always be testing! We go back and re-write the bad ad. Which improves your ads and will improve your open, etc. After time you can measure what performed well. Looking for keywords that prompt and trigger open, engagement and interaction.

4. List Segmentation – Build segmentation, it’ll give you a good idea to how to better write your subject lines, content, tailored for the specific list of individuals.This gives you content that is more relevant.

5. Brand – Make sure people are going to be able to recognize your brand!

What are some of the tips you use for email marketing, let us know what you think, would love to know?


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