Blogging Benefits!

By: Valley Digital Services

You may have heard the phrase “content is king” tossed around by digital marketers. You may have wondered what exactly that means. When you are creating a website, you should be thinking about what you are going to put on your website. Content is what you populate your website with and blogging can be some of the most valuable content you can generate for your website. The trick is to keep up with it on a regular basis to get the most of the blogging benefits.

You may be wondering what you should write your blog about. More than likely you are going to want to write your blog about whatever your website is about. You probably know something about that since you made a website about it, right? The good news is if you actually know what you are talking about, it makes blogging that much easier. Not only does knowing what you are talking about make blogging easy, but it also allows blogging to present an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise on the subject you are discussing.

One of the obstacles most people face when they are presented with the opportunity to start a blog is, “I’m not a very good writer.” Although you may not be a great novelist or poet (of course if you are, it does help) you are likely very knowledgeable about your business and your website. Further, even though you don’t consider yourself a great writer you probably still know how to write a sentence. If you can illustrate your knowledge of your business in a long series of sentences then you are blogging and you are doing it very well by the way!

For example, if you have a photography website then you could write about the creative challenges that your latest project presented and the solutions you devised to overcome them. Or you could write about the new hardware that you just added to your photography arsenal and whether it lived up to your expectations or not. Or you could write about other photographers that inspire you and why and how you seek to emulate their work.

You may even consider finding those photographers that inspire you online and seeing if they have blogs of their own. They may be interested in reading your blog or sharing it if you express your interest in their work. SEO experts call this “off-page SEO”, most others just call it being friendly. Either way it is a win-win situation. The point is, if you have passion and dedication and knowledge of your blogging topic then expressing that passion through your blog will help you connect with others online.

If you have an e-commerce based website, likely you will want to hone your blogging strategy to focus on identifying needs that your potential customers have. Presenting simple solutions to their problems that your product can solve is ideal and doing so will simultaneously demonstrate your passion and expertise.

The other major benefit of blogging regularly is the SEO boost your website will get because of regularly maintaining your blog and sharing it on social media. Google provides an SEO advantage to websites that are regularly updated. This does not only apply to blogging. If you completely redesign your website on a regular basis, Google will give you an SEO boost just for changing things up. But adding 800 to 1200 words every week falls under this category too.

If you keep at it, over time those words will really add up. Writing 800 to 1200 words on a topic that you already have extensive expertise on once a week, every week will eventually make you an authority, at least in Google’s eyes. Since websites with more content are considered to be higher in “authority” according to Google. And even better, after a year of regular blogging you will have an extensive database of your knowledge and expertise available to show customers, potential employers or anyone you might be trying to attract to your website.

While you are writing your blog be sure that you are sharing it on social media on a regular basis. Once again, you will get an SEO boost just for having backlinks leading to your blog but this is also the best way to tell the world that you have a blog and a website. If you need help putting together a page to display your blog or coming up with the blog itself you may need help from expert digital marketers like Valley Digital Services. You can visit our Contact Us and fill out the form to let us know what we can do to help your business online.



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