The Show Must Go On…

Our stage will officially be empty in 2020…But we will continue to forge ahead on this path that we’ve started. It’s just going to be a little different.

We’ve not made an official 2020 statement for our in-person conference (until now), frankly, we’ve been waiting for as long as we possibly can to make final decisions.

However, we are rapidly running out of time in this calendar year. DOYO Live is and has always been dedicated to ongoing professional development with the delivery of content primarily via our digital assets and will continue to do so.

Since 2016 we’ve conducted monthly webinars, shared ideas on blogs, vlogs, podcasts, our website, social media, Facebook Lives, LinkedIn Lives, and of course in-person.

And encouraged everyone else to do the same, we are glad that so many people in our community have followed our lead!!!

It the in-person delivery in 2020 and to start 2021 that are being impacted the most.

The talks at businesses and schools, workshops throughout the year, networking events and of course our signature event that’s been attended by over 1,000 attendees, speakers and sponsors in our first 4-years. Have all been impacted by COVID-19.

It’s an amazing community of support that we get…

In non-pandemic years our conference is one of the most look forward to events in the Youngstown business community.

I’d personally like to thank our sponsors and clients, including iSynergy, Crowe’s Cabinets, Rich Center for Autism (in-kind), ICONS of Youngstown, Complete Pest Solutions and WKBN for sticking with us over the past year, which has been anything but normal and by no means easy.

This has had a 70% impact on our (my business), however we’ve been fortunate that there are three components, so lesson learned here, we are diversified. The conference, the ICONS publication and marketing services. Those marketing services consist of lead generation for our clients (we will get back to that in a moment).

That said out of respect and the safety of our fans in the DOYO Live community we will 100% be foregoing any in-person event in 2020. We thought we might be able to pull off a small batch version but it’s not worth taking the risk of exposing our fans and the personal safety of my own family.

This is a tough decision.

In lieu of this…

We will be delivering 16-weeks of virtual sessions every Friday starting November 20, 2020, @ Noon, covering the how-tos of marketing and sales with weekly guests presenting in a FREE webinar format, you can sign up today for the DOYO Live Virtual Sessions!

This is our way of giving back to the businesses of the community. We are confident the content presented and the virtual networking will have an impact as you manage through the end of 2020 and start of 2021.

As we pull together, there’s a lot of talk about supporting local and small businesses. We are both…And when you support DOYO Live, you support me and my family. It’s not a charity, we get amazing results for our clients.

We grew DOYO Live in 2016 out of nothing to what it is today, it’s the living case study. So if you are in need of marketing your business now and want to crush it in 2021, I encourage you to check out my new website at

I’ve been very lucky to work with some awesome brands locally and nationally, like Crowe’s Cabinets, PBS Western Reserve, The Rich Center for Autism, GE Healthcare, AIM Transportation, Cafaro Corporation, Avalon Golf & Country Club, Blue Sky Therapy, The Business Journal (Youngstown), just to name a few and the list keeps growing.

In 2021 we have a few new offerings. The first will be to offer our clients and any of those businesses out there a super affordable, robust Marketing Automation and CRM suite.

Additionally, we’ve always provided businesses with lead generation strategy that starts with digital marketing and newly revised packages that are at an incredible price point, really aimed at helping all businesses get back on their feet.

Let’s find time to talk about your marketing and sales technology stack that’ll help grow your business and marketing services for 2021.

Stay safe and healthy, and thank you for all your support, it means everything in the world to me and my family!




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