The Almost Complete Guide to Live Podcasts in Youngstown, Ohio

By Dennis Schiraldi

Live podcasting is absolutely blowing up in the Youngstown area in a good way. There’s this guy that’s been preaching from the mountain tops for over 5-years now, that Facebook Live is the way to go…Need proof watch the video, it’s only 2-minutes long, but it’ll all make sense.


In 2018, I took the stage at DOYO Live and talked to the audience about why you need your own Facebook Live show.

I started my live show back in 2016, which takes place weekly, it’s called the DOYO Live Marketing Show, we feature businesses and experts locally and nationally that want to talk about marketing, sales, entrepreneurship and/or want free on-air consults.

With over 300+ episodes of me and guest contributors, we are one of the longest, continuously running live podcasts in the area, if you are interested in being featured on the show, sign up here today!

I’ve been encouraging other businesses to follow our lead and do the same for several years. It feels like many are taking that approach. The upside of all this is that it completely helps to validate everything I’ve been doing for a decade now.

With that said, and this is in no particular order, so we don’t hurt anyone’s feelings…

Here’s an almost complete list of live podcasts in the Youngstown Region that you can go an listen to right now on Faceboook Live.

#1 Louie B. Free

Louie’s an OG of the Youngstown Live podcast scene, he runs daily shows with multiple guests from around the globe and goes live several times a day. He’s in the olf Vindicator building and was once Vindy Radio. Louie is amazing, he’s been gracious to me over the years and one of the most important live podcasts in our area. Give him a follow!

Watch Me on the Louie Free Show!

2.  The DOYO Live Marketing Show

I am extremely biased on this one, but next to Louie, this is one of the longest-running live podcasts in the Youngstown Area. I’ve shared this platform with many guest contributors to help them launch and promote their live podcast, pushing the community to take on live podcasting, give as much free advice as I can, and exposure to businesses in the community. Be sure to check it out on Fridays at 11 AM, to be featured complete this form!



3. The MLO Bros – The Most Uninteresting Live Podcast On the Internet

Yours truly made a guest appearance very early on that helped them to explode on the live podcasting scene, in fact, it was after my appearance they really took off. That’s marketing exaggeration, but I did call them darlings of the internet. Kudos to Luke and Issac they’ve executed on a great idea, having launched a live podcast during the COVID lockdown, and very quickly becoming just about the most viewed live podcast in the Youngstown Area. It’s funny, they make people laugh, but they do cover serious topics and bring their community-driven Facebook Group audiences a ton of value. Give them a listen!


4. The Chris Gunther Show

This guy is hustling my friends, Chris Gunther is a YSU grad that’s out there doing live interviews on Facebook, covering local sports, businesses, and yes big-time celebrities. Just like this interview, he did with 2x NBA Champion Mr. Lamar Odom. Not to mention he interviewed MC Lyte, which is just incredible, Mike Vick and Sinbad, just to name drop a few!

Give Chris a listen, he was recently featured on our own live podcast, in which he talks about landing celebrity guest, you can give that a listen now.

#5 – Youngstown Pizza Reviews

In full disclosure I’m getting this information second hand, I’ve not watched one full review but I hear it’s good and they got a great following. Not to have a bitter pizza face if you go back and watch all of our live interviews on The DOYO Live Marketing Show we ask a series of rapid-fire questions on what is your favorite pizza in Youngstown. And we’ve sold a few pies in our day by tagging some of our favorite pizza joints in the town. Youngstown Pizza Revies is a perfect idea in a town where pizza is a religion. Congrats to the Youngstown Pizza Review for executing on a great idea, pushing live content and growing an audience. Be sure to give them a follow!

#6 – YSN Live

What’s not to love about YSN Live covering all the local high school and college sports action with live streaming? DJ Yokely and his crew do an awesome job filling the void of really no local media giving you the depth of coverage they provide. Where they really win the internet is with the YSN Power Hour. I’m lobbying to get on to talk hoops, youth baseball, hell I’ll even carry bags right now. It’s a great sports talk live podcast that is must-watch on Facebook Live. Check out their most recent episode!

#7 – Spanning the Need

It’ll be interesting to see where this one goes since Anthony Spano, the founder of Spanning the Need recently was named in local media for throwing a super spreader St. Patrick’s Day Party for his non-profit, it’ll probably only helped to increase his viewers. That said Anthony’s grown a following very quickly and generated some numbers that are respectable.


#8 – The Youngstown Studio

Joe Danyi has a really interesting idea, I thought about this a few years ago. What if you could take your Facebook Page and create a network of TV shows, well he’s done it with a lot of radio personalities from the valley that suddenly find a need to connect with an audience in a new medium. I think it’s a very interesting business model because you are taking some people that have some name recognition and helping them with the platform. That said, live podcasting works because it’s mere mortals like you and me that get the opportunity that we never had before because the media controlled the media, now we can all be the media!

#9 – The Business Journal Daily

The Business Journal has a wide variety of content that features live content and online news broadcast extending their coverage of business news in the Youngstown Region.

#10 – Homes & Hops

You gotta love great conversations over an amazing local beer. Homes & Hops supports local businesses, area non-profits and gives a great uplifting message to the community. Lisa Resnick, the creator of Homes & Hops has been at it for a while and consistency is one of the key factors in all of this…She’s done a great job growing a following, we look forward to more Homes & Hops.


#11 – The Prod Cast

The ProdCast is a 2 Ticks & The Dog Productions, hosted by Jim Fogarty a DOYO Live Alum, focusing on all the amazing and interesting people they know in and thru production life. Jim and I also were part of TEDx Youngstown inaugural speaking class. Be sure to check it out!!!


#12 – The Bocce Bros

Expanding the footprint of Bocce & the next generation of players from across the world through our apparel, photos & videos.


#13 – Kelly Pavlik

Anyone that can punch you in the face as Kelly Pavlik automatically would get my vote for being a great podcast, but all kidding aside Kelly’s is really crushing it. His podcast Punchline is getting a ton of run nationally and is super interesting.

The Punchline give it a listen today!

I really really dig his FIGHT RECAP where he shows a fight on Facebook Live and narrates it, that’s just freaking cool.

In todays FIGHT RECAP I am revisiting my fight against Edison Miranda.
Like the page, I have more Fight Recaps coming soon.
Be sure to check out the champs efforts today!


#14 – Deanna Hinz – The Sassy Girl Entrepreneur & He/Said She Said

Deanna Hinz has been a long-time live podcaster on Facebook, is no doubt the longest-standing female efforts in the Youngstown Region and does a phenomenal job. And although she’s recently taken up residency in the Sunshine State she’s a Youngstown girl. She covers various topics and primarily focuses on women entrepreneurship but is not limited to as she and I also partner on a fun live podcast where we debate topics from a male vs. female POV in He Said/She Said every Wednesday at Noon on Facebook Live.

#15 – Ray’s Boom Boom Room

The champ is a class act all the way around and so is his live podcast that’s on a temporary pause and we can’t wait until Ray Mancini brings back the Boom Boom Room. I’d love to be on all of these podcasts but I’ve really been lobbying for an appearance with Ray. He and I met when I moved back 8-years ago and he’s always been gracious with his time. We are rooting for him to bring this one back, in the meantime, you can go back and check out all of his previous episodes it’s really great stuff.



What does the future hold in store for live podcasting?

It’s great to see that live podcasting is becoming a thing…

What’s difficult to understand right now is who is getting paid and sponsored and who isn’t.  The FCC and Facebook have some pretty strict regulations around anyone that are getting or giving financial compensation are by law required to acknowledge it.

And in many instances what feels like the content is content that’s there because people are paying. It’s a slippery slope and it’s also deceitful to the audience if you don’t disclose your intentions. The DOYO Live Marketing Show is Presented by iSynergy that’s acknowledged on every one of our posts that’s a show and in the show as well. I think iSynergy has appeared in one episode out of 300+.

We’ve not had their clients and when we do mention businesses that we work with we acknowledge that as well. I thought long and hard about having businesses pay us for Facebook Live’s but and this is just my opinion, it cheapens it. Your not interviewing them for the sake of bringing value to your audience your interviewing them because they paid you.

It’ll be interesting to see what direction live podcasting goes in the Youngstown Region. The old adage also behind a content marketing play was that you had to work for 18 – 24 months to monetize it, which means to profit. However I’m seeing live podcasts offering sponsorship almost day-1 with no real audience and they are getting it, so good for them.

We are going to continue to push content from our live channels, I’ll be working on lining up guests to feature them, their businesses to talk marketing, heck we can talk about whatever you want to talk about. And to all those out there in the live podcasting realm, kudos to you, I appreciate your hustle, and whatever you do, don’t give up, just keep going!!!



DOYO Live is dedicated to the ongoing professional development of marketing, business, sales, and design professionals through our online platforms, in-person networking events and workshops, and our annual marketing conference. Additionally DOYO Live helps businesses every day with their marketing strategy.

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