DOYO Live 2019

What the DOYO Live Community Has to Say About Our Event…

DOYO Live is a fun upbeat marketing conference that’s dedicated to professional development. Our goal is to deliver an amazing experience, that you learn strategy you can implement into your business that same day and make meaningful connections. See what past attendees, speakers and sponsors are saying about our event….

Icons 2019“The content presented was more valuable that I could have ever imagined, I left inspired and motivated to act on the strategy presented and the follow up with the relationships that I made at the event.” – Stephanie Hann, DOYO Live 2019 Attendee (Pictured left).

“A wonderful conference that was super affordable. Has sessions for all business levels! It’s s must for anyone who wants to get the best marketing advice in the industry.” – Audra


“DOYO Live was awesome! I took away lots of great knowledge to apply to my role as both a professional and a multitasking entrepreneur. I met some amazing people doing top notch work in our community. Thanks to the organizers for putting together such a high quality event!” – Bethany


“We attended DOYO Live 2016 and it was an amazing event. We gained so much insightful information from all of the speakers and continue to stay up to date on marketing trends with their blog and daily shows. We cannot wait to attend DOYO Live 2017!” – SenSource


“Great Job! It’s obvious that a ton of time and energy went into the event! Best of luck in the future” – 2019 DOYO Attendee


“It is a very dynamic, very energetic, very approachable conference. The smaller size makes it more “digestible.” Unlike many conferences I’ve been to where presenters and even vendors are highfalutin and more impressed with their own knowledge, everyone at DOYOLive was eager to connect and chat and share. Doing it in Youngstown, as opposed to Vegas or other vacation/destination location, made it so that people who were there *wanted* to be there for the conference, not as an excuse to get their employer to pay for a trip to that place, and that, I think, really helped keep it real for everyone and made the turnout and energy that much more impressive. DOYOLive, frankly, gave me even more hope for the future of my hometown. Thanks for putting it together.” – 2018 DOYO Live Attendee


“The conference was amazing. This year was my first time and certainly will not be my last. I got to learn a lot of new content…” – 2018 DOYO Live Attendee


“Overall, DOYO was great. I would definitely attend again in the future, and was provided with a lot of awesome takeaways to share with my coworkers.” – 2018 DOYO Live Attendee


“All speakers were well-prepared and very informative on each topic. I got a lot of great info that I could take back and apply to projects within my company.” – 2017 DOYO Live Attendee


“I love the panel discussion, and the mix of both national large marketing firms, and local small business leaders. The combined effort and knowledge of the entire presenting team was an incredible resource to attendees.” – 2017 DOYO Live Attendee


“Everything was awesome!” – 2017 DOYO Live Attendee


“Great job to the entire team! I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback myself and even leading up to it, people commented on how well promoted everything was. Kudos to all of you for the wonderful job you did on this event!” – 2017 Sponsor