The DOYO Live Creative Consults

Introducing: DOYO Live Creative Consults

We’re thrilled to announce an exciting new benefit to The DOYO Live Community:

We are offering private, one-on-one 30-minute creative consults with our Creative Shop Small Business team!

Please read this entire post to learn more:

What are Creative Consults for?
Creative Feedback: A time to ask for creative feedback on posts or ads. Example: “I want to run this video to get more website clicks, what else could I do to make it work better?”

Creative Ideas: An opportunity to get help with creative challenges, like branding, copywriting, and content ideas. Example: “I want to do a post about a new offering, can you help me think about copy?”

Creative Production Ideas: An opportunity to get recommendations for creative apps and resources to actually create your content. Example: “I want to create a Slideshow about our employees – how can I do that?”

Creative Consults are NOT for:

Technical Questions: A time to ask technical questions about Facebook or Instagram. Example: “I tried to install the pixel but it’s not working” or “My Shops integration with Shopify isn’t working”.

Media or Measurement Questions: A time to ask questions about budgets, setting up ads, or measurement. Example: “I don’t know how much to spend on this ad”, “Why did my ad only reach X number of people?”

Account Support: A time to get account support or account-specific questions. Example: “I’m locked out of my account”.





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