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DOYO Live provides ongoing professional development through our online marketing platform, in-person networking events, workshops and annual marketing conference. DOYO Live also provides day-to-day marketing strategy, management to a wide range of clients, typically involving content media strategies via web, emails, social media, partnerships with more traditional media companies and sponsorships that create awareness and generate leads for our partners.

DOYO Live founder Dennis Schiraldi is an early adopter of social media marketing strategy, dating back to 2006 when he took a medical imaging practice and launched an online campaign, including the use of Facebook and Twitter. That seems normal now, but YouTube videos on MRI machines were anything but the norm over 15 years ago. Since he’s helped countless businesses both directly by working with brands on their social media marketing efforts or through workshops, online classes, free webinars and the annual marketing conference. Dennis is ready to help you. Complete the form above and let’s get started.



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Developing a Content Marketing Strategy – It Doesn’t Have to Be All That Hard, Right?

Content marketing as a strategy is quite the buzzword in today’s marketing community and is just about as elusive as the mythical creature, Bigfoot. Some common questions: What is content marketing, how can it have an impact on my business, can I really convert customers?

There are experts out there that say it takes 12 to 24 months to really experience some positive results behind your content marketing efforts. Many of you think that it takes an email list of 100,000 people. That’s a nice thought, so is pushing content for 2-years without any result. However, what if I told you that content with a purpose can start generating leads immediately.

In this webinar, Dennis Schiraldi, Founder of DOYO Live will cover the basics of what you need to know in order to implement a content marketing strategy that grows your audience and converts customers.

Topics we will cover in this webinar:

  • What is content marketing?
  • Building a framework
  • The power of storytelling
  • Generating content ideas
  • Planning – Editorial
  • Content distribution
  • Conversion

This webinar is brought to you by iSynergy and ICONS of Youngstown DOYO Live is dedicated to providing ongoing education for marketing, sales, business and design professionals on marketing strategy. We accomplish this through our online properties, in-person workshops and our annual marketing conference in Youngstown, Ohio.



The DOYO Live community is made up of marketing, business, sales and design professionals that have a passion for ongoing professional development, the need for continuous growth, knowledge seekers and all-around good people that want to connect. We bring you the very best content through our online platforms such as webinars, blog, vlog, podcasts and emails. When we are able, there are in-person networking events on a monthly basis, workshops and our annual marketing conference that’s been attended by over 1,000 people. We are disruptors in the market place that brought the concepts of inbound and content marketing to Youngstown, Ohio at scale. DOYO Live is more than just a conference is a modern-day media company that offers niche’ marketing opportunities through content, sponsorship, placement into the flagship print publication The ICONS of Youngstown and also contracted marketing consulting and day-t0-day management.


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Creating a community on Udemy

In episode 1 of the new DOYO Live Marketing Show podcast-only edition. We meet up with Nate Dinet, a past DOYO Live panelist and featured in our ICONS of Youngstown publication.

We caught up with Nate, who is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, husband, dad, and an all-around good guy, to talk about how he’s grown an online community via content to now have 20,000 subscribers on Udemy, an online learning platform, however you will also learn how this was not an overnight success.

Be sure to check out how Nate’s accomplished this through his Conquer Life platform, book on Amazon and more.


DOYO Live is dedicated to ongoing professional development via web, in-person networking events, online webinars, blog, podcast and our annual marketing conference. This podcast will feature business owners, marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and inspirational people. We will have discussions on marketing, business, current events and even our favorite pizza.

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Content & Covid 19 – Marketing How We Should Have Been All Along…

By Dennis Schiraldi


As a worldwide pandemic unfolds my first and foremost thought lies with the health and well being of my family, friends, clients and the general public. I wish all of you well and stay safe.

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DOYO Live Digital Day – Virtual Seminar


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