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As more and more businesses need to turn to the delivery of online content out of necessity, many are finding that it’s a truly valuable way to connect with your audience, however many are also looking for ways to make it better. In this free guide you will get an 8-week checklist, it’s all the things you need to do in order to stay organized while you plan your next online event.

The beauty of a webinar is that you get a great piece of content. Think of it as content with a purpose, because you get have an opportunity to generate leads. Also what I love about webinars is that they should be bi-directional and you can pull your audience in through chat, polling, video, and more to make them part of the event and get valuable insights…After producing over 80+ webinars over the past decade and a half, I’m sharing detailed tips with you on what you need to do to plan your next webinar, step by step!

Do you need help with your next webinar? DOYO Live can help!!!

We are offering webinar services, either a full scale service from production-to-promotion, the development of the content, management and everything in between. Or you can sponsor a webinar on our platform and a third option is to be featured on a webinar on our platform. Want to learn more, email [email protected] to learn more today!

Introducing DOYO Live Webinar Services by Dennis Schiraldi

As many of you turn to the delivery of online content via webinars, you are going to want to really engage with your audience and make your event as interactive as you possibly can…

As the founder of DOYO Live, I’ve been in the webinar game since 2005 and produced over 80+ webinars and counting, which have generated tens of thousands of leads and contributed over $100 millions of dollars to sales funnels.

That’s no joke, and it’s no internet, click funnel, scam. I’ve worked with global brands like GE Healthcare and Konica Minolta Medical Imaging, and with local small-to-mid-sized businesses including my own, DOYO Live, Blue Sky Therapy, PBS Western Reserve, and The Rich Center For Autism, just to name a few.

As more and more businesses need to turn to the delivery of online content out of necessity, many are finding that it’s a truly valuable way to connect, however many are also looking for ways to make it better. Which is why I’m offering a full turnkey solution to webinars. We are able to partner with you in 3-distinct ways:


  1. Full Turnkey Webinar Solution – Everything from concept, design, logistics, presentation, lining up speakers, promotion and everything that goes into creating an amazing webinar for our clients that will generate a great piece content, create awareness and drive leads for your brand.
  2. DOYO Live Sponsored Webinars – You can simply sponsor a DOYO Live webinar, the rest is easy. We put your name on the webinar, give you a couple of minutes during the event to let everyone know you are sponsoring the event and share the lead list with you.
  3. Webinar featured on our platform featuring you. You get the benefit of the audience, the content and the lead list. We do all the work.

Let’s work together, be sure to send an email to [email protected] today!



DOYO Live provides ongoing professional development for marketing, sales, business and design professionals through our online assets like this blog, webinars and our podcast which recently was added to the Apple iTunes library. We also host in-person networking, workshops and our annual marketing conference, however as we know the current global pandemic is having a little bit of an adverse impact on us getting out playing together in real-life. Patience my friends we will all be together again soon.

DOYO Live also provides ongoing marketing consultancy and management directly to brands looking to create awareness and generate leads for their business. We do this through unique partnerships such as sponsorships or brands will contract us to help them with their marketing strategy. If you’ve downloaded this E-Book we there’s information about our webinar services.

We will partner with brands to either produce your webinar front-to-back, produce it on our platform or give you you an opportunity to sponsor one of our webinars. Be sure to download the free EBook to learn how you can partner with us. DOYO Live is dedicated to helping businesses with digital marketing strategy in the Youngstown, Ohio region.

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