Complex B2B Industries and Inbound Marketing…What Works and What Doesn’t

Author: Josh Curcio, COO/Partner, protocol 80, Inc.

B2B companies in complex industries combined with inbound marketing goes together like peanut butter and jelly. However, inbound marketing with a bad strategy and poor execution…that’s more like making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with moldy, rye bread. That doesn’t sound good, does it?



 Pictured Above: Josh Curcio, COO/Partner, protocol 80, Inc.

Inbound marketing is all about helping people find you when they are looking for something. Often times they’re researching symptoms to a potential problem, trying to solve a problem they’ve already identified, or attempting to take advantage of an opportunity. The key word there is RESEARCHING.

The more complex the industry (products, services, etc.), the more research that’s put into decision making. That becomes a gold mine of content! You can be the one that’s helping prospects find answers to their research and connecting with them much earlier in the buying process.

That being said, just having a gold mine of content opportunities doesn’t mean automatic success. Business fail planning and executing a strategy every day. The purpose of our talk at DOYO 2019 will be to better understand how you can take complexity and incorporate it into your own strategy the right way and learning from other people’s mistakes.

Some of the specific topics we’ll talk about are:

  • Identifying right “buyers” for your target audience, especially when there are multiple people involved
  • Learn how to develop your content strategies around the buyers and a lengthy buying cycle
  • Understand who should be involved in the production of complicated content
  • Learn how to balance the line between producing content in a timely manner and maintaining accuracy
  • Identify ways to understand whether your inbound marketing is working or not when buying cycles are so long

This session is geared towards marketers, owners, and executives in complex B2B spaces. The content covered will be for beginners and those with some understanding of marketing already.


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