Content Marketing with Limited Resources and Budget

Content creation is a time consuming and tricky process, but the good news is that you don’t need to break the bank. Repurpose content to extend its lifecycle and get the best bang for your buck.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn why you don’t need a degree to create visual content
  • Discover the vast world of online resources to maximize content creation
  • How can you work with a limited budget for content marketing?
  • What is content repurposing? Learn the process and how to apply it
  • And more

By: Laura Hanley

There’s a wealth of information online about content marketing—the strategy, types of content and stellar examples of successful programs. While it is beneficial and inspiring for marketing professionals to continually have industry publications explain and highlight this area of marketing, many times these examples are unrealistic, and in turn, can be somewhat discouraging.

Content Marketing on a Limited Budget

The content marketing case studies highlighted in AdWeek and NewsCred often involve budgets that are higher than most marketing managers could ever imagine working with. It’s also unlikely that the companies being praised for their content marketing success consist of a three-person marketing department like the average small or medium-size business, but rather a small army.

Marketing professionals must learn to use the major players in the industry as inspiration, without getting discouraged that their program will never measure up—and that can be difficult.

A Realistic Approach to Creating Content

The average company or organization doesn’t have a budget that allows them to hire an agency to create their content, whether it be blog posts, videos or infographics. Without a senior graphic designer or videographer on your internal team, how are you expected to implement infographics or videos into your program like every industry email tells you to?

It’s all about equipping yourself with the right tools—at the right price point.

Creating Visual Content: No Design Degree Required

As the Director of Content Marketing at an agency, I know how lucky I am to be able to turn to the designer who works five feet away from me and describe my vision for our next infographic or video. But when I go home at night and work on side projects, I don’t have that luxury. I’ve had to learn to utilize the inexpensive (and sometimes free) tools, such as Canva or Adobe Spark, that allow anyone to create visually appealing content on their own. Coming up with content that can be designed within brand standards, live on a variety of platforms and be created within a fraction of the time it would take to do it from scratch is a possibility.

And take my word for it, you do not need a design degree to use these tools—I certainly don’t!

Resources for Content Marketing Success

There are an endless number of online resources and tools you can utilize when implementing your content marketing strategy, whether you’re looking to reach a specific audience, or you need help creating video content. With Facebook Ads, live video streaming and technology tools, such as Magisto video, the opportunity to maximize a small budget and limited resources is huge.

Repurposing Content is Key

Content marketing takes time, and as a small business or entrepreneur, time is often limited. You may think you need to be producing content several times a week or month, but in reality, repurposing content can be your best friend, helping you save time while keeping your fans interested. Create one post and repurpose the content in several different ways—and for a multitude of platforms!

The Content Marketing with Limited Budget & Resources presentation at DOYO Live will highlight the top tools to utilize for your content creation efforts, and explain the benefits associated with each. Session attendees will feel empowered after leaving the presentation, not only with the knowledge they need to understand content marketing, but the ability to implement the strategy that will bring success to their company.

Meet Laura Hanley, Director of Content Marketing at Concentrek Group

As Concentrek Group’s director of content marketing, Laura Hanley creates successful content and social-driven marketing programs for a variety of companies, small and large. With her diverse and extensive experience in the agency world, paired with side hustle projects and a personal blog (G-Free Laura), Laura has gained a deep understanding of content marketing in all forms.

She also understands that—while often proven successful—adding cat pictures to content isn’t a viable option for most companies. After working with entrepreneurs, non-profits and small businesses, Laura is passionate about sharing insight and realistic tips that any marketer can use, no matter the budget or resources available. Connect with Laura on LinkedIn, follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat @GFreeLaura, and check out her Facebook Page for food inspiration—plus a few cat photos.

Laura is a proud Youngstown State University Alum, and very happy that she’s coming back to visit the alma mater and give an inspiring talk at DOYO Live.


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