Does Your Business Struggle To Create A Brand?


RKA Headshot

Featured Speaker Rachael Kay Albers

Businesses struggle to create brands that speaks to a specific audience because they don’t want to alienate potential buyers. So, instead they speak to everyone and end up selling to no one.

You want to create a brand experience that doesn’t just make people laugh, but makes them feel seen, understood, and leaves them saying, “It’s like you read my mind!”

In this breakout session that’s equal parts one-woman show, stand-up comedy, and marketing keynote, you’ll learn how to approach branding and content creation in a whole new way, leveraging the stuff that you’re AGAINST to show your audience what your brand is all ABOUT, grab your ticket today!

You’ll laugh, you’ll learn. You may even cry – but only because the show’s over.


  • How to create your marketing “alter ego” to inspire content that brings laughs AND conversions.
  • The 6 questions to ask yourself before you create another piece of content
  • How to ditch those man-ick-ulative marketing tactics once and for all and create. content that aligns with your brand values and feels good.

This speaker session at DOYO Live will be great for all audiences at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels in B2B related fields but not limited to…


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