DOYO Live Founder, Dennis Schiraldi

Hi There,

I am the founder of DOYO Live, which is a digital marketing and interactive design conference in Youngstown, Ohio.  1,000> people including attendees, speakers, and sponsors have participated in DOYO Live since our inception in 2016.

I’m dedicated to the ongoing professional development of marketing, business, sales, and design professionals online via our blog, webinars, Facebook Live, etc. and in-person workshops, public speaking, and our annual conference.

In addition to being the founder of the premier marketing event of the year in Youngstown, Ohio. I provide content marketing and generation strategy both in a consulting role and day-t0-day management of the strategy.

I am also the founder of Icons of Youngstown, a high-end lifestyle print publication, featuring iconic brands, businesses, and people + up and comers in a 5-county area surrounding Youngstown, Ohio.

I teach part-time at Youngstown State University in the Department of Communications and instruct courses on social media marketing.

My most important job is being a husband, a Dad to 4-awesome kids, and owner of one very unruly Labrador retriever named Hooper.

I’m a big fan of outdoor activities including mt. biking, and snowboarding with my kids, hiking with Hooper, and fold.  I’m a BBQ junkie I literally talk your ear off about making pulled pork.

I am extremely passionate about the fact that we are building a world-class marketing event right here in Youngstown, Ohio.  Thanks so much for your support, it means everything in the world to me.