Learn how to launch, manage, and grow your freelance marketing business today!

The DOYO Live University is a 5-hour immersive course on how to start your own freelance marketing business or side-hustle. Tired of the 9-5 grind and looking to put your marketing experience to work for you and your clients?

Stuck in the job search rut or waiting on that promotion that ends up never coming or did you got overlooked again?

We understand we relate…10-years ago, DOYO Live Founder, Dennis Schiraldi wanted to take fate into his own hands. Upon bringing his 3rd child home from the hospital he fired his boss in his corporate marketing job to start his first freelance marketing company. A decade later he’s been able to build several businesses that each generate six figures in revenue.

Sign up for The DOYO Live University and Dennis will walk you through all the steps he took to build a successful freelance marketing company. Not ready to quit your day job? That’s fine too…

Leveraging your marketing experience to bring in some additional money from a side hustle is a great way to get started. Whether you are all in day-1 or looking for something on the side, this 5-hour bootcamp will prepare you for coming out the gate day-1.

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  • Bottom Line – Figure out your bottom line.

  • Legal Stuff – Brief but important legal and accounting.

  • Sales – Consultative solution-based selling step-by-step.

  • Lead Generation – Reviewing lead goals, quality of leads, and conversions on a monthly basis is critical to client retainment. It’s also necessary to understand this at the start.

  • Revenue Growth – Working with your clients on achieving revenue goals and reporting.

  • Target Market – Where to focus by industry and business size starting out to get paying customers.

  • Landing Clients – How to gain traction in the market place i.e. How to land a paid client!

  • Marketing yourself – You should live how you eat…What should you do to establish your presence?

  • Freelance or Direct Employment? – What type of agency model do you want to have? Re-seller of technology, value add, or direct bill to the client.

  • Rates – What to charge your clients, how much? Hourly vs. Retainer?

  • Marketing Services you can provide that people will pay you money for…Web development, social media, SEO/SEM, online paid advertising, content marketing, copywriting, public relations, graphic design and creative services, branding, podcasting, blogging, videography, photography, etc.

  • Marketing and Sales Technology – Systems you are going to need to use, adopt or deploy such as marketing automation, CRM, email client for email marketing, social media management and syndication tools, design tools (Canva),

  • Invoicing – This can be tricky, especially for a startup, how to manage cash flow.

  • Get Familiar with Technology – Things to make your life easier.

  • Process – Technologies you will need to consider to make your life easier.

  • Apps & Hacks – Free to paid, all things you are going to need to create content, copywriting, public relations, content syndication tools, royalty-free (image, video and music) sites and more.

  • Google Ecosystem – Google My Business, Analytics, Maps, and Search Console.

  • Reporting – What do you report to your clients, how do you pull the information together, what’s important, the frequency and the why.


  • Insights – You will have insight on how to start your own freelance marketing business.

  • Notes – You will take away your notes.

  • eBook – Will be provided at the end of the bootcamp that will highlight all the information in detail.

  • 24×7 access to Dennis’ personal cell phone so you can call or text him with questions, and email. He will continue to provide you with guidance on your journey to starting your own freelance marketing company.

  • Access to the recording

  • 1-Free ticket to the in-person DOYO Live Marketing Conference in 2022.


Besides being a 20+ year veteran of being in revenue-driving positions both being directly employed with various business of all sizes and shapes including being in charge of all lead generation for a $100M per year healthcare IT portfolio at GE Healthcare to small-to-midsized businesses. He’s helped countless businesses with their day-to-day marketing strategy.

Additionally, he started a marketing conference back in 2016 that’s had over 1,000 participants since inception. Which grew from content marketing as a strategy and the same methodology that he’s going to teach to you in this one-day bootcamp.

When he’s not with clients he’s typically being interviewed on podcasts, producing monthly webinars on the how-tos of marketing and sales, blogging. Dennis has produced 300+ live interviews on The DOYO Live Marketing Show and The Dirt podcast and grown the email list to 12,000 subscribers.

Dennis had this to say, “I know what it’s like to take both the emotional and financial leap into starting a business. It can be really really scary.”

You can read more about his full story here today…

He went on to say, “the tools that I will provide to you in this bootcamp will give you the confidence and the roadmap you are going to need to get to your goals much faster, than the way I did it and that’s making a lot of expensive mistakes along the way.”

“If you don’t find the value out in this course I will give you a 100% money-back guarantee.”

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Learn more at dennischiraldi.com.


DOYO Live provides ongoing professional development for marketing, sales, business and design professionals through our online assets like this blog, webinars and our podcast which recently was added to the Apple iTunes library. We also host in-person networking, workshops and our annual marketing conference, however as we know the current global pandemic is having a little bit of an adverse impact on us getting out playing together in real-life. Patience my friends we will all be together again soon.

DOYO Live also provides ongoing marketing consultancy and management directly to brands looking to create awareness and generate leads for their business. We do this through unique partnerships such as sponsorships or brands will contract us to help them with their marketing strategy. If you’ve downloaded this E-Book we there’s information about our webinar services.

We will partner with brands to either produce your webinar front-to-back, produce it on our platform or give you an opportunity to sponsor one of our webinars. Be sure to download the free EBook to learn how you can partner with us. DOYO Live is dedicated to helping businesses with digital marketing strategy in the Youngstown, Ohio region.