Jeff Hedrich, Prodigal Company

Build the value of your brand with data-fueled creative tactics!

Jeff Hedrich – The Prodigal Company

Data, technology, and branding are the three essential drivers of modern marketing.

The oldest and most enduring of these, branding, is overdue for more innovative methods.

While data and new technologies are driving a revolution in customer segmentation and one-to-one marketing tactics, the task of building a highly-valued, unified brand that stands out in the marketplace mostly remains an old school, opinion-driven practice.

See how that’s changing. Learn how to discover the right data points that reveal a brand’s most valuable attributes.

Gain insights from an expert into how to translate that data into high-engagement content and creative executions (digital, print and broadcast) that have helped build brand category market leaders. Jeff Hedrich, Lead Brand Strategist at The Prodigal Company, and co-creator of the data-driven Brand MRI process.

4th Annual DOYO Live Digital Marketing + Interactive Design Conference Presented by iSynergy

We are coming back for our fourth year in a row. DOYO Live features:

  • Dynamic Speakers – Keynotes & Breakout Sessions
  • Deep Dive Workshops – Optional half-day deep dive workshops!
  • Unlimited Networking Opportunities
  • Music, Video & Fun
  • FREE Swag
  • Parties – Kickoff pre-party and After-Party

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DOYO Live is a marketing conference that features an immersive content experience for industry thought leaders, experts, and practitioners to share practical insights and tactical advice in the fields of digital marketing, social media, branding and interactive content.

You can grab a ticket to DOYO Live including totally awesome, informative talks in our keynotes and breakout sessions, plus a second day with deep dive workshops.

Early bird tickets are $75 – $150, Present – March 31, 2019.

Full price tickets are $150 – $225 April 1 – October 17, 2019.