How to Craft Compelling Content That Attracts Prospects

Before beginning a rebrand, there are six main questions you should consider. These are the questions we considered for the re-branding of Micro Doctor IT, and business owners can use these steps to transform their own brand.

Key Takeaways

  • Why are we doing a rebrand?
  • What problem are we trying to solve?
  • Has our target market client changed?
  • Does our brand tell the wrong story?
  • What do we want to show (and to who)?
  • Will this work in 10+ years from now and not be outdated?

Most businesses come to the point known as a “rebrand.” But how do you know when that point is?  For some, it occurs early on before they even know who they are (I call those “risky branders”) for others, it occurs after many years of business and just simply “outgrowing” their brand.

As I started at Micro Doctor, I understood the concept that the owner was thinking in 1989, when he named the company and designed the “brand”.  But I was finding that many others, those form the non-technical world, had no idea what we really did.  Most thought “they are a healthcare company”, or “they only work with healthcare.”  That was not only attributed to the name, but also the Rx and EKG in the original logo (pictured below). It also didn’t help that “Corporate Solution Center” didn’t tell them much more.

In considering these questions for the Micro Doctor rebrand, here is the thought process behind what we went through:

  1. We are not being known as an IT Support company. We are being known as healthcare.
  2. We are not attracting target market businesses. Only companies that know us know what we do, even though we have been in business 28 years. Also, we are a tech company and our logo is very outdated.
  3. Yes, we no longer serve residents, only businesses with 5 PCs minimum.
  4. Yes, we look more health care oriented than tech oriented.
  5. We are a professional and high-quality IT firm that has amazing people. We are different because of the people selling the service.
  6. I try to keep everything simple and modern so it will not be outdated. Classy is the look I went for, but you have to do what is best for you and your businesses culture. I tried to think of large brands, like Apple or Northface, and copy the basic ideas of simplicity to generate a top notch logo and brand that will be timeless.

Here’s what we came up with:


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Meet Megan Augustine, Marketing Manager at Micro Doctor IT

Megan is the Marketing Manager at Micro Doctor IT, an IT support company focusing on a proactive support (called managed services) for businesses. She has experience in B2B marketing and strategy.

Megan grew up in Warren, Ohio, just outside of Youngstown. She attended college in Cleveland, Ohio, at Baldwin-Wallace University, but after graduating, returned home to cultivate business in her hometown. Megan knew that Warren and Youngstown could be something great once again, and wanted to be part of the young professionals working hard to bring to Youngstown the things that many other cities have, after all, why can’t we have it too?

Micro Doctor IT is in its 28th year of business in the Mahoning Valley this year and works with small-to-medium businesses (SMB) to increase the profitability of their clients by increasing their employee’s productivity. Megan has brought numerous new clients to the mix, growing the company over 20% in the last 2 years alone. Megan has consisted of joint venture marketing events with other local businesses, including PNC Bank, L. Calvin Jones & Co., Sforza & Walker CPAs, and much more. Megan also produces regular content directed to target market audiences, a monthly newsletter, lunch and learns, and overall campaign product strategy throughout the year.

Last year, Micro Doctor went through a re-brand, designing a new logo, tagline, and new look and feel for the company. Megan is focusing 2017 on brand awareness, as well as continuing the marketing efforts that have been previously started and run annually (Wine Down Wednesday Business Mixers, Cyber Security Lunch and Learns, lighting a server on fire for a “Disaster Demo”).

This year at DO YO Live 2017, Megan has a breakout session focused on “Re-branding & analyzing your messaging, before moving forward to develop a campaign strategy destined for success” where she will be focusing on how, when, and why to re-brand your company, as well as how to craft compelling messaging to attract target market CEOs, CFOs, and Office Managers. She will then help give you a blue print on building a Marketing Plan, and a strategy for success when planning campaigns throughout the year.

You could describe Megan as an outgoing, creative “Momprener” (a mom that is an awesome mom and has a career) of 2. She loves her family, God, traveling and prides herself as a “food adventurer” with her husband.


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