Icons of Youngstown


We are super excited to announce that the Icons of Youngstown are now being added as a year-long sponsor to DOYO Live.

Icons sponsored our conference in 2017…The Icons Publication is a high lifestyle publication that presents a unique marketing opportunity.

There’s a high-end, high-quality print publication, coupled with an online component and events that will be driven throughout the year.

Simply put there’s NOTHING even comparable when it comes to the the quality, value and depth of what Icons will represent.

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Icons of 
Youngstown is a high-end lifestyle publication that will have an annual circulation, it will be free to pick a copy up at hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, and other high-end, high-quality businesses.
This is a unique way to for iconic brands, businesses and people + up and comers to market their business and connect with other icons in the publication.
Icons of Youngstown
  • We will feature iconic brands, businesses and people in a 5-county area around Youngstown, Ohio along with up and comers.
  • Icons is an annual publication slated to launch in April of 2018.
  • Events – Icons only events, including a launch party of the book and other networking opportunities throughout the year.
  • 15,000 – 20,000 copies of the publication will be distributed to high-end, high-quality businesses targeted an affluent audience along with a demographic that appreciates high-quality products. With a supply refresh at those various locations on a monthly basis.
  • Online component to launch with website and social media to feature Icons.
  • Copies of photos to be allocated for your usage.

This is going to be an annual publication, featuring local iconic brands, businesses and people + up and comers.

It’s a paid placement into the publication. Free to pick up in restaurants, bars, coffee shops, hotels, etc. We are featuring high end, high-quality businesses.

Icons will get to keep photos from their shoots, take advantage of the online component and events.

Such businesses as the Cafaro Corporation, Avalon Country Club, Branch Street Coffee and Burgan Real Estate are just a few that are in the publication.

Want to learn more and don’t want to miss out.

To learn more, we can schedule a time for a consultation with one of the Icon’s curators to discuss this opportunity.

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