Instagram TV with Dhariana Lozano

This is quite possibly one of the most informative DOYO Live Marketing Show’s we’ve ever had…And we’ve had a lot. Over 258 live performances. DOYO Live Founder Dennis Schiraldi, recently sat down with Dhariana Lozano, Co-Founder Supremacy Marketing, a recognized social media influencer and a DOYO Live featured speaker.

Be sure to check out what Dhariana has to say about Instagram TV, some just flat out solid tips, ideas and strategy. Can’t wait to have her at DOYO Live in Youngstown, Ohio on August 2, 2018, where she will take the main stage in the Ford Family Recital Hall at the DeYor to talk about social media marketing and beating how you can still leverage social media to grow your business.

DOYO Live is a digital marketing + interactive design conference taking place for the 3rd year in a row in Youngstown, Ohio. Our event is going to feature speakers from TrackMaven, HubSpot, SEMRush and great local talent.

They will be covering topics on the how-tos of marketing for the basic business owner just getting started to the seasoned veteran. There’s something for everyone, and don’t forget the networking.

A true opportunity to support a Youngstown, Ohio owned event!!!

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