Learn How to Create a Killer Content Marketing Plan at DOYO!

I’ve been in the digital marketing space for over a decade and over that time there’s been one consistent message: content is king. That phrase still holds true…with some caveats.

Ten years ago you could create less than mediocre content, publish it, eventually it would rank, and you’d get traffic. Since that time search engines have gotten smarter and the internet has been flooded with content.


Despite those changes, content is still king, especially for small to medium sized businesses. I’ve seen enterprise level companies and government agencies squeak by without a content strategy, but I have yet to see a small-medium size business do really well without content marketing unless they’re willing to pay for a sponsored ad budget or they’re killing it on social (which I’d argue is also content).

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What Makes a Good Content Marketing Strategy Today?

While there’s a lot that goes into planning and execution, I would say that these 3 things are the most important aspects of a truly successful strategy.

  1. Really understanding your buyer and identifying topics that will resonate with them. When your prospects turn to the internet with questions, they have a purpose. In most cases they are researching symptoms, trying to solve problems, or looking to take advantage of an opportunity. You need to understand what these things are for your prospects and provide useful information through your content. It should be targeted to each type of prospect you have and they stage of the buying process that they are in.
  2. Consistent content production over a long period of time. Content marketing isn’t a strategy in which you can be a dabbler. Sure, you might see some small, short successes here and there, but you won’t see the true long term potential impact.
  3. Quality over quantity. I know, that may sound counterintuitive to number 2, but poorly written content will be a waste of your time. If you can only produce 2 QUALITY articles per month, don’t do 4 just because. It may take longer for you to see results, but as long as long as you continue to produce content and give it time, you WILL see results.

About the Content Marketing Workshop

The Content Marketing Workshop at DOYO 2019 will be hands-on, so you’ll be putting together an actual content plan for your business. We’ll provide you with the steps to get there and provide feedback on your initial content ideas. Here’s a bit more on the specificis we’re going to cover:

  • Building your buyer persona – understanding the types of information that you need to know and the best ways to collect that data.
  • Understanding your buyer’s journey – we’ll help you identify how a stranger becomes a prospect, then a lead, and eventually a customer. This must be defined when creating a content marketing strategy.
  • Establishing a content marketing calendar – we’ll get the groundwork started on an awesome content calendar for your prospects, that aligns to their buying process. We’ll walk through ways to identify topics and titles and how to optimize your articles for search.

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After the content marketing workshop is complete, you will have the start to a content marketing plan that you can continue to flesh out on your own and them either implement or hand-off to an agency to implement for you.


DOYO Live will feature speakers presenting on the how to's of marketing, plus this is a totally awesome networking event. Anyone doing business in the regional market in Northeast Ohio and Western, PA will benefit from making long-lasting connections.

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