Looking at the Magic 8-Ball for 2017 Marketing Predictions

By: Dennis Schiraldi


Magic 8-Ball – 2017 Marketing Predictions

We shook the Magic 8-Ball during The DOYO Live Marketing Show to see what predictions were going to come true in 2017. Who are we to question the accuracy of a $5, life-sized pool ball with the lucky #8 on it, here’s what it told us!

Prediction #1 – Will Video Dominate in 2017?

Magic 8-Ball – Decided it would be so.

However, if you need some stats that were presented at Ohio Inbound Marketing Day:

  • 74% of all internet traffic will be video in 2017.
  • 300% increase in video consumption on mobile.
  • 157% increase in organic traffic due to video.

Does not take a digital marketing expert to figure out that Facebook is aggressively advertising Facebook Live on TV. You can join us pretty much every Friday at 11 AM for our DOYO Live Marketing Show. We discuss fun and informative marketing topics, often times on location.

Short form documentary style videos, if you’ve not seen the Matthew McConaughey, now the creative director for Wild Turkey, do yourself a favor. It’s amazing.


This is marketing that does not feel like marketing. It’s been released on YouTube. This is where I believe marketing investment is heading. Nike is similar with their Facebook strategy. So with Nike, they basically put out 2-to-4 videos per month. They have very little if any static post. Meaning post with a high-end picture. They are telling the story, via Facebook with high-end content marketing videos.

DOYO Live is about educating the masses on marketing. For us, we get almost no reach and engagement with our static post. Picture, link, tagline. This goes nowhere…No, because our content isn’t any good. There’s a limitation on social media to what is being shown, based on their preferences. However video is exploding for us. Especially on Facebook, we get a couple thousand views and a lot of engagement. There’s a 108% increase in reach and a 200% increase in video on our Facebook Page. It doesn’t take a data scientist to know that video is huge.

People don’t exactly know what to do with it, especially live. But Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have live streaming video. For those of you that sit back and wait, in 6-months you are going to wish you were doing something weekly and eventually daily with live video. I’m not saying that everyone turning their lives into a reality show is a good idea, but in a year to 2-years, everyone will be their own reality TV star.


Prediction #2 – The End of SEO is Near?

Magic 8-Ball – It’s very possible.

Hello, everyone! Artificial Intelligence has arrived, in a big way, by some very big companies with very deep pockets. Apple, Amazon, and Google are now all competing to have a device in your home that is machined based learning and machines talking to a machine. The way Google works now is that you type something into search. It will then show you information based on your keywords, relevancy, location, previous search preferences, etc. Otherwise the fundamentals of SEO.

This is all changing, Siri has been around for quite some time. It’s the reason when you ask Siri for a location or a restaurant, and it’s getting better. That you only will get 1-or-2 recommendations. Or it’ll populate a map or even Yelp for some crazy reason. I don’t quite understand all the technology behind it. They leverage Natural Language Processing and are studying deep neural learning of the brain to make these predictions.

Artificial Intelligence is here, it’s only going to get bigger. For the small business down the street trying to just get online and figure out how to use Facebook. Guess what? This is already complicating your life. It’s all the more reason you need to be on Facebook, because as Facebook Recommendations grows this is just one example of A.I.


Prediction #3 – Establish Networks vs. Hub and Spoke Model of Web 2.0

Magic 8-Ball  – So it shall be done.

The life and blood of online marketing are this…Put your website at the center of a wagon wheel. All the spokes represent the delivery mechanisms. You’ve got social media, email, public relations, paid for advertising online and traditional, 3rd party delivery networks, publishing sites like Medium or LinkedIn Pulse, your blog, and the list continues.

The next thing we’ve been doing for the past decade or more is the rip and replace model. We show a picture, include some links and drive people from their homes, essentially where they were all comfortable and we re-locate them to our website.

Google Analytics they say, hey this is working. Your web traffic went up 25% month-over-month. The traffic came from organic, social and direct. And we all walk around high-fiving. We preach value, we preach give people a great experience. Well if it’s so great then why do we ask them to leave Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium, your blog and come over to our website. Yes, I get it, we want that email address. If we get the email address we in-turn can send them more personalized messages, we know who they are and get more sticky.

Giving us an opportunity for conversion. But what if, we just let people hang out on LinkedIn, read our content there, and once they’ve really bought into our content they will take the next step to find us. My belief is this…That I can pretty much get anyone to click on a link. Not a click-bait link with Megan Fox or Brad Pitt pictures, but good intelligent content.

However, the time and depth spent on my website vs. someone that came from a search are trivial. I have a belief, which I think is risky, is not just that Jab, Jab, Jab, Jab, Righ Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk tells us that 5 to 7 posts need to be educational and entertaining, and then we throw the right hook on the call-to-action to buy something.

I believe we are actually in a time where it’s not just the call-to-action, but also incorporating links to your content. Meaning this, here’s what I’ll be doing moving forward in 2017. We will post our content on our blog, likely focusing on video more. Letting The DOYO Live Marketing Show serve as the content creator, we will transcribe this information as we’ve done for a few months now and syndicate it out through our various delivery channels.

For the most part, we will just post the article, no links to up and root you from that platform to ours. Every so often I will include a link back to our website or our registration. Otherwise, you can go on living happy right where you are…I believe establishing networks is going to be the move in 2017.

What predictions do you have for the new year, we would love to hear it. Where are you focusing your efforts and how will you grow your business?


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