Love This Place – What to Consider When Developing an App!

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Be sure to check out this episode of The DOYO Live Marketing Show. We featured, Joe Varacalli, CEO of SenSource and founder of Love This Place, which is an app that is the of volunteering.

In this episode we Joe gives some very SOLID advice, which is worth a watch on:

  • Deciding on the need to develop an app. Is there a market for it.
  • Things you need to consider when actually building the app.
  • Gaining traction in the marketplace, how are you going to market the app.
  • As the CEO of SenSource, a start-up doing that’s been around for over a decade, Joe has some totally awesome advice for entrepreneurs. Stay the course, overcoming fear and more…

Love This Place is an app that will help organizations (primarily non-profits) find volunteers and volunteers find organizations to contribute time in volunteering.

Love This Place’s mission and tagline, Uniting For the Good of the Community.

Visit – Love This Place to learn more, also below you can find more information pulled directly from their website.



Love This Place, Inc. works together with existing non-profit organizations in order to help them connect with volunteers, raise awareness for their cause and make our community a better place. We often describe ourselves like a “dating service”, connecting individuals with organizations. Our website and future mobile App enables our volunteers to create their own unique profile by selecting the causes they are passionate and skills they are gifted with.  Love This Place then informs them when there’s a match.  By signing up on our website you are taking the first step to becoming better connected and involved with the success of our community.
Click here to learn more about our mission and vision for the Mahoning Valley

Benefits for Individuals

  • Connect easily with organizations that share your passion for our area
  • Volunteering directly helps your community become stronger
  • Studies show volunteering helps you be a healthier person
  • Volunteering helps you grow your network of friends and create unity in the community
  • Volunteering helps you influence your community for the good

Benefits for FaithBased Organizations & Businesses

  • We make it easy to take advantage of outreach opportunities to serve the Mahoning Valley
  • Teams that work together for the commonwealth of a community outside of the office build stronger relationships
  • Generate great PR for your organization in your community and beyond
  • Take advantage of opportunities to network with others that love our area
  • Impact your community with long-term positive effects.

Our Screening Process

Our mission focuses on rebuilding and improving communities by working together with organizations that provide opportunities for individuals to serve hand-in-hand for the benefit of all in the community. We also promote local businesses when we can in order to generate good public relations, expand their reach, create awareness and expand economic growth. With this in mind we screen organizations before approving an application to ensure it shares our values. This helps everyone reap maximum benefits without getting lost in the clutter.



Love This Place helps organizations get the word out to volunteers and the community. We’re streamlining the process to share what you do with those who care to get involved.

Benefits for Non-Profits

  • We make it easy to connect volunteers with your organization
  • Our website & mobile app helps match individuals schedules talents and passion to serve with your organization’s mission, needs, community projects and events
  • We will help promote your organization, it’s mission and your events
  • We use local leaders that understand the unique needs of each community we serve and leverage that knowledge while working together for good

Take a look at the organizations who are already partnering with us!

Our Screening Process

Our mission focuses on rebuilding and improving communities by partnering with organizations that provide service opportunities for individuals to work hand-in-hand for the benefit of all in the community. The organizations we partner with are mainly service oriented and not advocacy groups, activist or special interest in nature.  With this in mind we screen organizations before approving an application to insure it shares our values and vision for unity and service.  This helps organizations and our volunteers reap maximum benefits from our directory.

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