Marketing for Manufacturers: Producing a Pipeline that Performs








Title of Workshop: Marketing for Manufacturers: Producing a Pipeline that Performs

Small to mid-size B2B manufacturers

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Summary Overview

With a proven track record in working with manufacturers across the country, TBG Digital Marketing will lead a 4-hour workshop providing educational content and exercises specific to B2B manufacturing companies. The workshop will dive into the key elements needed for developing and implementing a successful digital marketing plan that generates more qualified leads and increases brand awareness. Presenters will cover emerging trends and tools to be aware of, review case studies and sample worksheets from real-world examples, and facilitate an open discussion with attendees to leverage the collective knowledge of the group and enhance the networking opportunity the workshop offers manufacturing companies in the region. At this time, speakers will include Gene Bonanno and Beth Hawks from TBG Digital Marketing. The workshop may also host an interactive hangout with representatives from Google (TBD) to cover what’s hot for manufacturers from Google’s perspective.

Key Takeaways

  • Basic understanding of key elements needed to have a successful digital marketing strategy in 2018 and beyond
  • Overview of emerging trends and how they might impact manufacturers specifically
  • Blueprint to conduct a thorough competitive analysis
  • Tools & framework to complete a detailed keyword analysis
  • Lessons learned and best practices from other B2B manufacturing companies


Company Overview

TBG Digital Marketing is a consulting agency located in Canfield, Ohio. The company was started in 2004 by owner, Gene Bonanno. Prior to opening his own business, Gene had over 20 years of experience as a consultant and principal for IBM Global Services. There, he specialized in complex technology deployment projects, sales and consulting. His goal as a new business owner was to bring the same first-class Internet consulting he provided to Fortune 500 companies affordably to small and medium-sized businesses. Today, he runs the agency alongside his daughter, Beth Hawks, and their family-owned and operated mindset defines much of the business strategy and management.

Over the years, TBG Digital Marketing has grown from a basic website design firm to a full-service digital marketing agency with traditional marketing offerings as well. Much investment has been made in cultivating a quality staff with a wide range of skills and services to best suit their customers’ needs. TBG Digital Marketing has earned agency level certifications from both Google and HubSpot, and they continue to enhance their knowledge at an agency and personnel level.

TBG Digital Marketing’s primary goal is to help companies grow to leverage the power of the Internet. In recent years, they’ve had much success working with small to mid-size B2B manufacturing companies to dominate their competition online and increase market share. This is done through a combination of brand marketing, web development, search marketing, social media and content marketing. As the agency’s portfolio continues to add new manufacturers nationwide, the focus on services and solutions specific to manufacturing is increasing. Specifically, the agency has identified a large need for basic marketing education and information as it relates to manufacturing companies and has held two conferences to date to address the educational gap. Future events and networking opportunities are in the planning stages.

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Gene Bonanno is the owner of TBG Digital Marketing. Prior to opening his own business in December 2004, Gene had over 20 years of experience as a consultant and principal for IBM Global Services. There, he specialized in complex technology deployment projects and management of a $40+ million professional services business whose customers included CVS, PNC Bank, Chase, Wells Fargo, NY Time & Valero. His goal as an entrepreneur was/is to bring the same first-class consulting he provided to Fortune 500 companies affordably to small and medium-sized businesses.

TBG Digital Marketing was originally part of a franchise system. Under that umbrella, Gene was named Regional Director for Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana. He oversaw business coaching and training for over 20 offices in his region, along with the growth of the network in his area. He spoke annually at the franchise’s international conference to 500+ attendees on a wide range of topics but was often asked to speak on the importance to taking a consultative approach to Internet Marketing. He chose to exit the franchise network in 2013 when TBG Digital Marketing outgrew the organization. It has since allowed Gene and the agency to expand their offerings through new, strategic partnerships such as those with HubSpot and Google.

Gene is HubSpot Inbound Certified, HubSpot Marketing Software Certified, Google AdWords Certified, and Google Analytics Certified. He is often sought after to speak on subjects as they relate to B2B marketing, specifically for manufacturing companies. Over the last ten years, he has helped provide marketing direction for national manufacturing companies such as Braun Industries, Osage Industries, Medix Specialty Vehicles, Mermaid Manufacturing and others. Gene excels in overall business management, consulting, search engine optimization, and pay per click advertising.



Working alongside her father (Gene Bonanno) Beth helped start TBG Digital Marketing in 2006 while finishing her bachelor’s degree from the University of Mount Union. Over the past 10 years, she has become a driving force in the business and is positioned to lead the company for the next generation.

During her tenure with TBG Digital Marketing, Beth has provided training and mentoring to 21 other marketing agencies throughout Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana. She has presented at several international conferences to crowds of 500+ attendees. Most recently, she spoke locally at DOYO Live 2017 and Marketing for Manufacturers Cleveland/Pittsburgh, a regional event held in October 2017 with co-sponsors Google, HubSpot and Incept. Several of her largest customers invite her to speak annually at their internal sales meetings, helping to educate their distribution network on their marketing strategy for the upcoming year and successes from the past.

Beth excels at optimizing her clients’ digital marketing plans, managing the firm’s two largest accounts. Through detailed project management she offers operational marketing services, while maintaining focus on strategic initiatives for long-term success. She is most passionate about branding and truly enjoys helping companies put their best foot forward visually. She finds working with manufacturing companies to be both challenging and rewarding; there is often much to learn about a business to effectively manage their strategy, but a huge upside potential for growth when they leverage digital marketing effectively. Beth is HubSpot Inbound Certified and HubSpot Marketing Software Certified.



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