Purpose Driven Marketing + How to Land Your Next Speaking Gig with Dr. Mike Sevilla

Dr. Mike Sevilla is recognized as a great family physician and also for his over 12 years of online marketing efforts using blogging, social media, and other modern-day methods to connect with patients and educate the masses.

In the process, he’s landed numerous public speaking opportunities but in this marketing minute, he explains it takes more than just putting your content out on YouTube and hoping for the phone to ring.

Dr. Mike is teaming up with Fortunato Figliano, the executive director at the Centers for Hearing Care. They are going to give a breakout session at DOYO Live on August 2, 2018 on purpose-driven marketing in healthcare, that will be applicable to a lot of different industries. See what Dr. Mike has to save about that, plus public speaking and the Cavs vs. Warriors series.


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