Purpose Driven Medicine with Dr. Mike Sevilla and Fortunato Figliano

Dr. Mike Sevilla and Fortunato Filgiano take over DOYOLive’s Facebook page to talk about how purpose-driven marketing today is the new way of building a loyalty to your clients or customers. The bottom line of business today is the people, and Dr. Mike and Fortunato explain the reasons behind such a tactic.

Dr. Mike Sevilla starts off by explaining his background on how he entered into using social media to build a community with his patients. Being a family physician for 15 years at the Family Practice Center in Salem, Dr. Mike hears the misinformation out there regarding medicine and by taking to a social platform he wanted to be apart of a change. Building an audience of 27k followers, Dr. Mike tells his online community nothing he wouldn’t tell his patients in the exam room.

Purpose Driven Marketing

Dr. Mike Sevilla brings on Fortunato Figliano as a guest to talk to the audience about how purpose-driven marketing is now how business build a sense of community trust with their loyal customers. Fortunato is founder of the Center for Hearing Care. With 7 locations in Northeast, Ohio, the Center for Hearing Care, is a great example of purpose-driven marketing. With attending over 20 mission trips locally and internationally, the center has been able to give 500 hearing aids to those in need. “Everyone deserves to hear” is the slogan behind the center.

Social Value 

With so many businesses forming many people are looking towards companies that add a social value into the community. Dr. Mike and Fortunato Figliano explain how technology has given brands the capability to connect with their customers on another level, and customers want more from their brands.They point out that people now want to know the why of a brand. They further tell how customers want to know the people behind the company no longer is a one-way communication enough. Having a solid business strategy that drives social responsibility to drive your business to the top of mind.

Corporate Social Responsibility Brands 

Fortunato Figliano mentions three brands that are doing purpose-driven marketing correctly. First, he talks about the brand, Loves Your Melon, where each hat sold one is given to a child fighting pediatric cancer. They have sold over 45,000 hats to date. They point that it is not about the hat but about the story and the purpose behind that. Another brand is Warby Parker, in the same concept each pair of glasses sold one pair is given away. Lastly, a social value company doing it right is TOMS. TOMS is a large organization where each pair of shoes sold one is given away. This new way of doing business!

We would like to thank Dr. Mike Sevilla and Fortunato Figliano for joining DOYOLive and teaching us on purpose-driven marketing.


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