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If there’s one thing that I can tell you that’s the most important thing every business owner should know about digital marketing is that your activities should be producing results. If not it’s all just a big waste of time and as every small business owner knows, time is money. Hi everyone my name is Dennis Schiraldi and I’m the executive producer of DOYO Live and a marketing strategist that’s generated tens of thousands of leads for businesses primarily through digital marketing efforts, and that’s not some crazy internet click funnels scam.

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I’ve worked with everyone from global brands such as GE Healthcare and Konica Minolta Medical Imaging, to start-ups like my own business DOYO Live and ICONS, and small-to-mid-sized companies like Blue Sky Therapy, Crowe’s Cabinets, and many others. Some of these businesses are already established, some are looking to get established, if there’s one thing they all have in common across many industries and business sectors is the need for leads and business growth.

In this webinar, I will show you the tactics and strategies that every business owner should be doing as a part of their digital marketing strategy.

  • Website – Everyone needs a website, the modern-day brochure about your business.
  • The Google’s – There’s a lot of free with Google, are you fully taking advantage of all the free services Google offers to help improve your online visibility?
  • Email – Just the basics, platforms you can use for free, content, frequency, and list building tips.
  • Social Media Marketing – We’ve got a limited amount of time, we will cover Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. And show you how to leverage these platforms to get a lot of eyeballs on your business.
  • Local Listing Management – Yellow Pages dot com, say what? We will explain!
  • Online Paid Advertising – $100 will go a very long way when you are advertising with Facebook. We will discuss your online ad strategy with Facebook and Google Ad Words.
  • Tracking – How the heck do I know if it’s working? Good question, we will show you some methods to track your results.

Additionally, we will show you some hacks on…

    • Timesavers on content creation
    • Scheduling social media
    • How to access royalty-free images, videos and sounds.
    • A few apps that we utilize to create vibrant creative videos very quickly.
    • QR codes, a big must especially for any traditional media advertising.


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Additional Bonus

1. All participants will receive a free 30-minute marketing consultation.

2. Complimentary website and social media audit.

3. Access to the presentation and recording.

4. Participation in this free 60-minute deep-dive webinar with live Q&A.

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Featured Presenter – Dennis Schiraldi

I’ve generated tens of thousands of leads and over $100 million in funnel contribution to sales funnels by bringing world-class marketing and sales strategy to small to mid-sized businesses that generate results.

I do this through strategic planning and day-to-day management of these marketing and sales programs for my clients. I have worked with the largest mall developer in North America, the largest independently owned logistics company in the United States, and small-to-mid-sized businesses in healthcare, manufacturing, retail and property management.

In addition to helping ensure the success of my clients, I run a modern-day media company that delivers 200,000 online impressions each month, offering unique marketing opportunities for high visibility to create awareness and generate leads for your business through the sponsorship of our online events, in-person marketing conference and placement in our print publication.

I am the executive producer and founder of DOYO Live, the publisher behind the ICONS of Youngstown, and a marketing consultant that will work in the day-to-day of your business as an executive-level marketing professional.

This is a free webinar presented by DOYO Live Media and sponsored by iSynergy.


DOYO Live is an immersive marketing experience highlighted by our annual marketing conference in Youngstown, Ohio. We feature world-class speakers presenting on the how-tos of modern-day marketing and sales strategy.

DOYO features unlimited networking opportunities, live music, video in an upbeat fun environment. We’ve had over 1,000+ participants since 2016 and we continue to be back stronger than ever in August of 2022.

How to Create a Buzz Digitally for Your Next Event – Meet Lexi Roach

As a new nonprofit based in the Chicagoland area, Empowering Girls for Life relied heavily on a strong digital campaign strategy to get attendees and sponsors in the door. In this webinar, Lexi Roach will discuss the different digital strategies that her team used to get over 1,000 attendees each year to the EGFL conference.

Be sure to visit – Empowering Girls for Life Today!


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Key Takeaways

  • Establishing a cost-effective digital marketing strategy for nonprofits
  • Building a social media presence from the ground up
  • Leveraging social media advertising to gain traction in the nonprofit space

Meet Lexi Roach

Lexi has been an advocate for women’s leadership and empowerment since her early days of college when she ran the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and held a seat on the Horizon League Council as the first student-athlete on the committee. During her final year in college, a family friend asked her to help launch Empowering Girls for Life, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded on the idea that young girls should be exposed to as many different women leaders as possible to show them what they are capable of accomplishing.



We pride ourselves on featuring the doers, the people that are executing day-in and day-out. Our event is dedicated to delivering an awesome experience, with amazing content to help you grow professionally in marketing, business, sales, and creatively.

DOYO Live will feature talks on marketing, sales, entrepreneurialism and so much more that will inspire you. There will be featured panel discussions with interviews throughout the two days and speaker presentations filled with actionable information that you can use in your business. In non-pandemic years we’ve typically gathered in-person, however, we are facing extraordinary circumstances and will be delivering this year’s event completely online.

We’ve always been dedicated to monthly webinars, vlogs, blogs, email, web, and social media to deliver how-to tips on modern-day marketing and sales strategy. In order for us to give back to the business community in our region get back on their feet and all those that have been impacted by COVID-19, we are giving the 1st 100-tickets away for free. We want you to come to our virtual event to learn, share and grow, so we can all crush in 2021.

This will be our 5th anniversary, we’ve managed to have over 1,000 participants in our first four years, which includes attendees, speakers and sponsors. We’ve introduced concepts to Youngstown, Ohio like content marketing and HubSpot. This year will be no different, where we will continue to push the boundaries.

Dennis Schiraldi is the executive producer of DOYO Live, you can learn more about him and his business by visiting today!