Doing Things Different: Not Your Normal Mortgage Lender – Meet The MLO BROS


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Fed up with the lame “this is the way we always do it” marketing at retail banks, after 17 years, Sales Manager and Loan Officer, Luke Schuster, decided to open a mortgage lending branch for Nationwide Mortgage Bankers Inc, in Poland, Ohio with the promise of marketing freedom.

Luke immediately hired his “little brother” Isaac, and the two created, “THE MLO BROS”, social media and community personas that help drive mortgage business to their office, while helping the community with podcasts with local businesses, charities, a website and social media community groups.

This presentation will cover how The MLO BROS are breaking away from the conventional mold of marketing banks use for their mortgage departments and doing things that many banks would deem unconventional, unimaginable and unthinkable.  But breaking away from the norm, is proving to be.


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The MLO BROS are pushing their mortgage loan business, Nationwide Mortgage Bankers Inc, to new records monthly by incorporating a huge online media presence.   This presence includes podcasts, billboards, websites, charities, social media community groups and creating “personas” for each brother, so when it comes time to financing a home, anyone on any of their social media outlets will think of  THE MLO BROS first!

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DOYO Live 2020

Staying Productive While Working Remote

This was a really fun edition catching up with a familiar participant on The DOYO Live Marketing Show, Deanna Hinsz, and how she’s managed to help a number of businesses through COVID 19. We discussed staying and keeping productive while working from home, Deanna and Dennis both have 20-years of working remote experience, they share some ways you can crush it while working from home.

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