Filling the Employment Gap

Filling the Employment Gap – Free DOYO Live Media Webinar

Filling the Employment Gap

Filling the Employment Gap

 September 23, 2021 – NOON-1PM-EDT

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Are you struggling to find employees?

You are not alone, we talk with small to mid-sized business owners daily and right now that’s their #1 issue. Finding people to work for them.

Over the past 5-years, we’ve worked with our clients by providing them online job recruiting services. A lot of the big companies employ HR teams or hire recruiting firms to handle this for their businesses. And by the way, employee recruitment is not just an HR conversation, it’s also a conversation about your brand.

Join our webinar on September 23, 2021, we will present you with a few strategies we are using with our clients, share some success stories and a few creative ideas on how to attract talent to your business. Including:

  • Online job recruiting using Indeed & JazzHR
  • Writing job descriptions with effective keywords 
  • Leveraging the online word of mouth network
  • How branding and social media play a role in attracting talent

It’s not feasible for small-to-mid-sized businesses, we all know that a Full-Time-Employee (FTE) is one of the biggest expenses to any business. A recruiting firm will charge up to 10% of the annual salary of the employee.

Additionally, it’s not just about job recruitment via online platforms, it’s about your whole entire online ecosystem that’s going to make a difference whether or not an employee ends up with you or your competition. Right now we are working with several brands on the entire package to improve their brand image by launching a newly designed website, establishing a social media strategy and tieing that back to online recruitment through job boards.


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