Agency or In-House: Who should handle your marketing? – Meet Devyn Bellamy

Devyn Bellamy will be a featured presenter at DOYO Live 2021 Presented by iSynergy.

Audience: ALL, B2B & B2C

It’s easy to hire a “marketing person” but are they going to meet your needs? Does it make sense to reach deep into your pockets to go with an agency?

How do you know which path to travel down?

Both? NEITHER?! (The answer will never be neither…)
In this talk from Inbound Marketer Devyn Bellamy, you’ll learn the different kinds of people who can handle your marketing, and when it is the right time to choose.

No company is created equally, and that goes double for agencies. After this session, you’ll know the right questions to ask, and which people to ask them of.

Key Takeaways

1. Learn how to choose the right Agency
2. Know what skills to look for in an employee
3. Determine which path is the one you should take


Devyn Bellamy is Head of Strategy and Development for digitalJ2, a Diamond HubSpot Partner
Agency. He is a Silicon Valley Native who recently moved to Columbia, SC. Previously, Devyn
worked as the CMO of a tech start-up, VP of Marketing for a manufacturing company, Director
of Marketing for an automotive software company, and was once operations manager for a
radio station. He’s also a highly decorated Inbound Marketing Specialist. Devyn’s a regular speaker at HubSpot’s annual marketing conference Inbound, which is one of the most prestigious conferences in the country.

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