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The DOYO Live Marketing Show features people in business, life and the community that are getting their hands dirty in the day-to-day, we celebrate the individuals that are rolling up their sleeves and are not sayers, but doers. We’ve had over 300+ episodes going back to 2016!!!

The DOYO Live Marketing Show is a live podcast on Facebook where we talk about marketing, sales, and business in general. This is a great opportunity to get free marketing advice live and promote your business.

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This is a LIVE PODCAST that is produced on Fridays, on location at 8:45AM – 9:45AM. This means in order to be on the show we need your cooperation to be live and in-person in Poland, Ohio.

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The show will feature your favorite topic, YOU!!! Plus discussions on business, marketing, Youngstown, food, current events, sports and more…Grab your spot on the couch today!!!

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What keeps me going? – Meet Chris Gunther


My show began when I was on YSU’s Rookery Radio from 2013-2017. After graduating I continued to do my show as a freelance reporter covering professional camps for athletes, local high school basketball music festivals and interviewing celebrities such as MC Lyte, Michael Vick, Sinbad, Tommy Davidson and more. This year my show collectively reached 100,000 views on my social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


Key Takeaways

  • How I started my show
  • The challenges of landing celebrity interviews
  • What keeps me going

Meet Chris

Chris Gunther is a native of Youngstown, OH. He graduated from Ursuline High School, where he lettered in varsity basketball and continued his academic career at Youngstown State University, earning his bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications. During his time at YSU, Chris had a weekly talk show on Rookery Radio entitled “The Chris Gunther Show!” where he interviewed celebrities in Gospel music, covered the YSU men and women’s basketball team, and won several awards including the “Rising Star Award” & “Who’s Who of YSU” After graduating from YSU, Chris was invited to cover the Stellar Awards in Las Vegas. He continues his show on social media conducting interviews with celebrities and professional athletes that have reached over 100,00 views collectively.



We pride ourselves on featuring the doers, the people that are executing day-in and day-out. Our event is dedicated to delivering an awesome experience, with amazing content to help you grow professionally in marketing, business, sales, and creatively.

DOYO Live will feature talks on marketing, sales, entrepreneurialism and so much more that will inspire you. There will be featured panel discussions with interviews throughout the two days and speaker presentations filled with actionable information that you can use in your business. In non-pandemic years we’ve typically gathered in-person, however, we are facing extraordinary circumstances and will be delivering this year’s event completely online.

We’ve always been dedicated to monthly webinars, vlogs, blogs, email, web, and social media to deliver how-to tips on modern-day marketing and sales strategy. In order for us to give back to the business community in our region get back on their feet and all those that have been impacted by COVID-19, we are giving the 1st 100-tickets away for free. We want you to come to our virtual event to learn, share and grow, so we can all crush in 2021.

This will be our 5th anniversary, we’ve managed to have over 1,000 participants in our first four years, which includes attendees, speakers and sponsors. We’ve introduced concepts to Youngstown, Ohio like content marketing and HubSpot. This year will be no different, where we will continue to push the boundaries.