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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Podcasting

Did you know that there are over 700,000 podcasts in the world today with 18.5 million episodes.

WOW right?

Did you also know…

Podcast listeners are loyal, affluent and educated. Typically an avid listener will subscribe to 7 podcasts and generally listen to 80% of the podcast each week.

That’s an extremely loyal, engaged audience.

The question is how do you develop a podcast, come up with content that is valuable that is engaging the end listener, the technology and everything to do with podcasting?

That’s a very good question. Which is why our next webinar will feature a short informal presentation by Chris Askew, whose TAG – Sales & Marketing Podcast has grown to over 3,000 listeners in 9-months.

Be sure to to check out the TAG sales and marketing podcast today!


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Our mission it to provide ongoing professional development for marketing, sales, business and design pros through our online marketing efforts, including blogs just like this one, webinars and virtual events. We also host in-person networking events, workshops and meetups, we think it’s super important to grow and connect our community. And of course we have our annual marketing conference that features some totally awesome speakers, sponsors and amazing attendees who place a premium on having an amazing experience, learning stuff they can implement into their business that day and make a meaningful connection.

DOYO Live is a modern-day media company, our platforms, between digital, print and in-person events will drive over 2-million annual impressions. Our sponsors get integrated into our platform, including content strategy, video, webinars and more. Part of the DOYO Live Media family is the ICONS of Youngstown print publication that also features a healthy online presence with blog, social media and email.

We take it one step further and we know you’ve got a lot of interesting marketing options, is that we are dedicated to connecting our network and our sponsors through unique events throughout the year. Kinda tough right this second but when we are back to the new normal you will see us hosting monthly networking lunches, evening happy hours, food and wine pairings, conferences and so much more. And if you are in need of strategic develop and execution of planning and management of your day-to-day marketing and sales strategy we do that too…

Want to discuss participating and/or sponsoring our event, podcast, webinar, VLOG or even want to tap into our following on social media. Be sure to send me an email at [email protected].