What Comes First In Social Media the Chicken or the Egg? – Meet Kati Hartwig

Date and Time of Presentation: April 2, 2021 @ NOON-EDT – Get Reminder!

Audience: All, B2B & B2C

We’ve all heard the question “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” The same can be asked about social media marketing. When we’re trying to figure out where to start we often find ourselves asking what comes first — the profile or the strategy? (Psst, spoiler: it’s your strategy!) In this session we’ll do a deep dive into what goes into creating and evaluating your content strategy, what should be checked off the list before creating a social media account for your business, and how you can meet your audience where they are in a digital space.


  • Creating a content strategy, and content testing on social media.
  • Learning more about your audience, and how to use that to tailor your strategy.
  • Accessibility and how it plays a huge role in your social media marketing and communication.
  • Tips and tricks to continue to keep your audience engaged


Residing and working in Youngstown, Ohio, Kati has five years of higher education digital marketing experience as the Coordinator of Social Media and Digital Marketing at Youngstown State University (fun fact: they currently hold the world record for “Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Penguins” – yes, it’s a thing). She manages the university’s official social media accounts, oversees a student ambassador program, coordinates content with departments and colleges, and serves on the crisis communication team. 

She was born and raised in Youngstown, and is a proud, two-time alum from YSU — it’s no wonder her favorite animal is the penguin. When she isn’t spending her days online, Kati loves to take copious amounts of photos of her dog, Sheba, visit with friends at one of the great wineries in Northeast Ohio, bake with her mom, and cheer on her favorite sports teams (Go Steelers!). You can find her random thoughts on Twitter, @KatiHartwig

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