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The DOYO Live Marketing Show features people in business, life and the community that are getting their hands dirty in the day-to-day, we celebrate the individuals that are rolling up their sleeves and are not sayers, but doers. We’ve had over 300+ episodes going back to 2016!!!

The DOYO Live Marketing Show is a live podcast on Facebook where we talk about marketing, sales, and business in general. This is a great opportunity to get free marketing advice live and promote your business.

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This is a LIVE PODCAST that is produced on Fridays, on location at 8:45AM – 9:45AM. This means in order to be on the show we need your cooperation to be live and in-person in Poland, Ohio.

Upon registration, we will send you the available dates!

More about the show and what you get for participating!!!

The show will feature your favorite topic, YOU!!! Plus discussions on business, marketing, Youngstown, food, current events, sports and more…Grab your spot on the couch today!!!

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If you are still reading and need more convincing…

  • We pre-promote you and your business via social media and our email list. Free promotion for your biz!!!
  • We conduct a live show that has a pretty good viewership, that’s another big win for anyone looking to build their brand.
  • The free coffee from SFC is a pretty good deal.
  • Post-production recording…We repurpose the show in more ways than Thanksgiving leftovers. The full episode, we break up sound bites for social, it gets syndicated via YouTube, Spotify, Apple iTunes, and our email list.