The Dirt – S1:E1 – The problem with teens and money isn’t that they can’t save— it’s that they don’t know how to spend.
















Taylor Burton is a visionary entrepreneur and has spent the last decade working in fintech, adtech and the D2C eComm space. He currently makes up 1/3 of the founding team of Till Financial, which is building a collaborative family banking platform that helps create smarter spenders. He formerly led partner strategy and revenue @Drizly, and prior to that helped launch and scale a merchant closed-loop offer product @PayPal.  In this episode of The Dirt (S1:E1) Taylor Burton talks about bringing financial literacy to young people through his financial app call Till.

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For Parents The topic of money has every family feeling overwhelmed. Actively guide your teens towards a better financial future by transitioning spending decisions to them.  For Teens All your life you’ve been taught the importance of saving, but what you really need is the trust and support to make more educated spending decisions.

About Till  Mission 

We are a group of parents, kids, entrepreneurs, engineers, and designers who share a common belief: that everyone can be better prepared for the financial realities of the outside world. We built Till to address the headache of moving money within families today, all the while training teens to become smarter spenders for tomorrow.  Why We’re Different Banking built for families We didn’t want to just be another banking app that you open just to check your balance or pay allowance, but one that leaves you better off after each interaction. For parents, this means a clear picture of where money is moving across your family, and a simple way to turn the everyday asks for money into behaviors that create better outcomes. For teens, this means reducing the friction around accessing money, paired with the opportunity to show you know what you’re doing.  Banking that respects teens as independent financial actors

We don’t think kids are simply frivolous spenders looking for an easier way to access the credit card for the next outing. We believe they have a real interest in preparing themselves to thrive financially when they leave home and should be given the framework and support to do so. This is why Till is committed to transitioning more spend to teens over time, through agreements that encourage accountability and bigger saving and spending goals that reward discipline and a long-term outlook.  Banking that activates the whole community We think that too many families feel isolated in feeling like they aren’t getting these money conversations and interactions right. The reality is that it’s hard for everyone. We believe the journey to becoming a smarter spender is a team sport.

We know that grandparents would be glad to pitch in towards that school trip if it means a concrete lesson for kids in the value of saving to spend on something meaningful. We want to make it easy for them (and others) to do just that.

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