The 3 P’s of Marketing

On this episode of DOYO Live Daily, Dennis Schiraldi talks about the 3 P’s of Marketing! A few years ago I gave a talk at TEDx Youngstown and built that around the modern day version of the 4-P’s of marketing to narrow it down to 3-P’s.
Frankly, I thought I would start to build my speaker career around the p that you need to have a product or service validated that can help to solve a problem. Depending on how many people have that problem is how big you can scale your efforts. The 2nd P very simply became Passion. Nothing that is great was ever accomplished without a great deal of enthusiasm. However taking it one step further I truly believe it’s your passion for what you are doing that will help drive your energy, attitude and overall success. It’s going to be hard, 2-steps forward and one back…There will be ups and downs, big wins, small losses, micro-wins…It doesn’t matter, it’s all about the passion that will drive you through the late nights, early mornings, the travel…Be passionate about your product and service and you will win.

Last but not least be willing to promote it. If you don’t tell the world about it no one will find out. How do you expect us to know what you got to offer? Be sure to have a plan in place to promote your next great product or service, we will listen if you are passionate and your product or service can solve our problems!!!


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