The Attorney, the Accountant and the Marketing Professional All Walk Into a Bar In Youngstown and End Up at DOYO Live!

On this episode of the DOYO Live Marketing Show learn about growing and managing your book of business by optimizing your LinkedIn profile, talk about social selling, branding and digital marketing.

Here’s the deal…When it comes to professional services: Accounting, marketing, law, financial planners, etc. we are all in the same boat. You provide value with your service. It’s only scalable in a couple of ways. Charge more per hour, but the market will pay what the market will pay unless you are of course the best at what you do and can charge whatever you like. Or work more hours.

However, the fact of the matter is this…Accounting makes sure the IRS is not going to show up on your doorstep anytime soon, which helps us rest better at night and in most cases hopefully save you money on your taxes. The attorney protects your best interest in business deals, saving you problems done the road. The financial person helps you to maximize your investment. And of course the one area we typically leave to a friend or kid that’s good on Facebook, marketing. I digress…Businesses are starting to recognize the value of marketing, especially digital marketing.

However, just a thought, maybe it’s not perceived the same because of the fact all the others have accrediting bodies that say you can practice your professional services at a high level. In marketing, you can pass an online course to get Google Ad Word certified. Is it the bar examination?

No, it’s tough, but it can be accomplished by bearing down and getting through it in a weekend. Yup, I can get certified by a number of software providers in like HubSpot or HootSuite. Again, that’s a software accerdiation, not a governing body. Maybe it’s time that marketing professionals have to pass a test?

So here’s the net-net bottom line of this ramble. Ironically, accountants, lawyers, and financial planners, etc. are all typically responsible for their own marketing, branding, and sales. Accounts procure their own business. Many are very relationship oriented, golf is a biggie with accountants, they still play and entertain. I’m still amazed though how many accountants are not leveraging LinkedIn to get business. Or blogs or newsletters…The same for attornies. I met with an attorney recently that knew or seemed to know just about as much about digital marketing as me. He should, said he’s dropped a million dollars in his life on marketing.

Again…This is a marketing person talking about lawyering up, this is a lawyer with a viable practice talking about marketing. He’s the marketer.

Same for finance. All you CFA’s, investment bankers listen up. Here’s a question for you? How do you get business? Very simple right. You get on the phone and make calls. Ever her the term social selling, it’s real!

Many in the professional sevices feel they cannot, because typically they are heavily regluated industries give advice away, so they abandon their marketing and revert back to old school sales. Dialing for dollars, martinis at happy hour by the way invite me, and of course networking. All good, but you ever see my guy Ralph Fajack. He’s amazing on social media. Why? Because he wants to bring postivitiy to each and every day. So let me ask you this question?

You want to invest your money with the person always doom and gloom and down in the dumps. Or the guy that’s got a ton of energy and not afraid to let you know he’s real. My money’s on Ralph.

So that brings me to the next point. If you are an account, attorney, financial planner in the City of Youngstown, DOYO Live is absolutely for you. You will learn topics on branding, personal branding, digital marketing, how to use Instagram, most importantly LinkedIn and networking!

Hey marketing people are doing alright, it could be a great spot to pick up a new client or two. Think about and get to DOYO Live if you are in professional service and responsible for your own marketing and sales!



DOYO Live is a digital marketing and interactive design conference dedicated to the ongoing professional development of marketing, sales, business and design professionals. We accomplish this through our online marketing efforts, in-person workshops and annual marketing conference in Youngstown, Ohio.

DOYO Live was founded by Dennis Schiraldi, the event sold out in year-1 with over 200+ attendees—and we are anticipating the same this year.

DOYO Live is located in Youngstown, Ohio will be held on August 2 & 3, 2017. We are expanding our conference in 2017 to have 2-hour deep-dive workshops on Day-1, August 2 and Day-2, our all-day conference on August 3.

Attendees can attend workshops only, conference only or get an all-inclusive pass to both events! Don’t miss out!