The DOYO Live Marketing Show- Event Based Marketing and How to Keep your Sponsors Happy

In this episode of the DOYO Live Marketing Show, DOYO Live founder, Dennis Schiraldi, talks with Kelsey Klim and Kollin Chupa, founders of K Squared Marketing. Kelsey and Kollin no strangers to event marketing have been working in live events for collectively 8 years. Getting their start with JAC Live and the Covelli Center, Kelsey specialized in event marketing and Kollin in strategic sponsorships and from this experience they were able to create a business model for their new venture of K Squared Marketing where they help their clients in digital and traditional marketing, strategy marketing, marketing management, and consulting for business growth.

Event Marketing 

When planning your event the ladies mention that everyone working together for the same end goal will be the main reason your event will be a success. Working with local media can be amazing partnerships that incorporate a traditional marketing mix into your promotions. Kollin says, “Contrary to what many believe we do not spend every second online.”  When branding your event you must take into consideration the market your event is in, and have a marketing mix that brings a holistic approach that compliments and blends traditional and nontraditional to grab your demographic’s attention.

Your event is a way to build equity for your band and create long-term fans to advocate for your business. At your event, it is important to deliver the best experience possible. If your audience leaves taking one piece away that they will implement into their business, or they make a connection with to do business or potential job opportunity you have had a successful event. Overall, if the event delivers, it was worth it!

How to Obtain a Sponsorship and Keep your Sponsors Happy!!!

One of the key takeaways from this episode is making sure you provide value for your sponsors. Kelsey and Kollin stress that it is important that you obtain sponsors that make sense for your event and sponsors that have the same community mindset that they too want the event to be a success. Sponsors want to know that they have a piece of ownership in your event and that their sponsorship is helping to expand not only your event footprint but theirs as well. Many believe that just adding the sponsor’s logo is enough, and it is not. It ties back into providing value for them. The ladies suggest that you need to include your sponsors in the entire process of the event, include them in mock-ups of signage, include them in the press you receive. Kelsey and Kollin also mention that if a client is working on an annual sponsorship to take a look and make sure the client and their sponsors are both getting value out of the deal.

5 Pieces of Advice from K Squared Marketing

  1. If looking for sponsors for an event create a lead list of people you want to go after that makes sense to have as a sponsor
  2. Develop a package that incorporates a media mix that makes sense when dealing with in- event exposure and also includes a way to expand your footprint outside of the event
  3. In order to keep your sponsors happy, deliver on everything you promised
  4. Include your sponsors in the entire process i.e. in press pay tribute to them, include them in signage mocks, etc.
  5. Make sure you thank sponsors.

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