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The Right Social Media Mix For Your Business

Understanding the right social media mix, whether just getting started or a seasoned veteran of social media marketing is mission critical for your overall digital marketing strategy. Especially where to focus your efforts in 2017. In all digital marketing, the landscape changes on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes if feels like it is minute-by-minute. One thing to be assured what is working today will likely not be working in the future.

Constant updates to Google, social media sites like: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and so on create ongoing challenges. So where to focus your efforts will ultimately depend on your goals. Where to continue to invest your marketing spend on these channels, where to get the most ROI will depend on the right social media mix.

So as the story goes, starting with goals and objectives first and foremost, it almost would go without saying. However, many businesses want to be on a certain social media platform just because.

Do Your Homework

Everyone loves homework…However, with a little bit of research on any of these platforms will give you some insight to how many people are actively on them. More importantly engaging with your existing content or have the potential if you are new to a platform.

Facebook Insights will give you vital feedback to posts. Understanding engagement and per type of post is a good key indicator as to what type of content to stick with…but even before that, if you have a Facebook Page, you can utilize Audience Insights on Facebook Ads, however you will need 1,000 Followers to your page. Hence, one reason why people that discount page likes are a little off base.

However, right on your page, to keep it simple you can simply post and hit the little blue Boost button. This will give you an opportunity to tailor the post. You can drill down by a countless number of demographics and profiles:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interest
  • Behavior
  • People that like your page and their friends.
  • Look-a-like audiences
  • Job Title

In addition as you set up the demographics and segmentation for your targeted audience, Facebook will give you data on maximum number of people that you can reach on Facebook. A conversation about running Facebook Ads is saved for a later date. However you can tell how many people are in a targeted market based on what you tell Facebook, it’ll go out and find that number of people. See below:

















Determining Total Addressable Market On Facebook

  1. Create a Facebook Page, if you already have a Facebook Page go to number 2 but you probably already knew that…
  2. Create post, this is just research so any post will do.
  3. Hit the Boost button. A screen will pop up.
  4. Hit create a new audience.
  5. Name that audience.
  6. Select the gender and age you want to target.
  7. Location – Type in your target market, you will get an option use a radius.
  8. Interest – Facebook will suggest interests based on your preferences. We are being very general we want to identify everyone on Facebook in our target market that is M-F and between the ages of 18 – 65 that are interested in marketing.
  9. Total Budget – This is just a place holder, type in the minimum amount or just about any number will do.
  10. Estimated People Reached – Facebook uses the data from location, demographics, interest to project the total potential audience on Facebook.

The way I see it, there are 280,000 people in are target market that have an interest in marketing. Therefore, it is probably a really good idea for us to be on Facebook. Your audience projections might not be 280,000, however consider the other factors. An audience of 10,000 based on your type of product and service vs. the number of conversions you are looking to create in a given year might just present enough critical mass to justify it.

Needless to say there are over 1.6B, that is billion users on Facebook and 1.1B daily users. 1 and 5 views of the web go to Facebook. Whether you are in healthcare, manufacturing, etc. you have to ask yourself: Are my doctors on Facebook and how about their patients? Chances are yes to booth. Same with the person that runs a tool & die shop, to the person that works the shipping dock and all the way to the front desk person at a fast food chain.

How About Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and SnapChat?

How much time do you have? We need to go back, way back to 2007 – 2010. Remember those days, if you don’t gather around kids. Let me tell you what social media was like in the early days, prior to insights and analytics built natively into these platforms. However, it is not that easy, well as easy as Facebook.


Do you love taking great pictures? Sure everyone does. Instagram is one of my favorites because it makes us all feel like a photographer. There is a great deal of engagement on Instagram. If you follow along with what is going on with organic reach on Facebook, well basically if you ever wanted to tell your secret. Facebook would be that one friend or at least your Facebook Page.

Instagram posts, at the right time of day, tagging people, adding a location and relevant hashtags can get you a great deal of interaction. I will say I believe the most difficult challenge with Instagram is trying to figure out how to grow your follower base.

Focus getting back to the topic of conversation. How do you know if your business should be on Instagram?

  • 90% of the 400M users on Instagram are 35 or younger.
  • Does your brand have a visually compelling story to tell?
  • Competition – Your competitors are on Instagram.
  • Peers – Non-competitors in your line of work on the other side of the country crushing it on Instagram.

However keep in mind. Facebook owns Instagram. There are droves of people everyday running to Instagram. Many discovering it for the first time. Remember how Facebook evolved. That will likely hold true for Instagram. So if your fans are not their today, they likely will be tomorrow. I go all in on Facebook and Instagram if I have just 2 social media platforms to choose.

DOYO Live Instagram Rocks…but we are biased as you would expect us to be. Follow us and find out for yourself!

@DOYOLive on Instagram


Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 10.23.51 AM

Last year I sat on a thought leadership panel for social media, I made the following statement about social but feel it is more geared to Twitter. It is like the old saying you cannot be half pregnant. While that is true for all social media, I feel it holds most true for Twitter. Have you ever heard of another company mentioned more than Twitter that cannot seem to make money. It is everywhere and for me personally I love Twitter. However it is a pure volume play. Meaning that I use it to count impressions because it will deliver a lot of impressions. However the net-net of this conversation is that breaking through on Twitter takes an extreme, let me repeat, an extreme amount of dedication. If you are willing to be prepared to Tweet 8 – 10 times per day, plus engage and interact with replies, Re-Tweets and favorites I would not even bother.

It can be a great listening tool for any organization to see what is going on in the marketplace, especially news. However, how do you decide…Whether or not you got the appetite to really commit to it.

It’s just that how much time or do you hire but you have to commit!

In any case follow us @dschiraldi and @doyolive, we love to get your Tweets!


This is a little of a confusing one and it really should not be. The business social networking platform. Anyone in a Business-2-Business environment, actually let me back up. Pretty much anyone in every walk of life should be on LinkedIn. The fact we still use resumes is a complete mind bender for me. LinkedIn pretty much takes care of everything, plus the interaction and engagement.

I am on LinkedIn, I require anyone that works for me to be on LinkedIn. I teach LinkedIn during my college classes at Youngstown State University. I have been on LinkedIn since day-1. You get the point.

Visit me on LinkedIn, let’s connect! Dennis Schiraldi, LinkedIn


Dennis Schiraldi - Founder, DOYO Live

Jobs, deals, networking, partnerships, you name it I have pretty much done it on LinkedIn. Groups, I have started a few and have been wildly successful growing them to ridiculous numbers of participation. LinkedIn company pages, a little more of a challenge. I have worked with several brands on LinkedIn company pages. I took one from 2,000 Followers to over 17,000 in about 18-months. Our own page for DOYO Live has 70. We are stuck on 70. It is because we rock. Kidding…It is probably because I am wasting too much time on Twitter and really need a strategy in 2017 that will focus on growing this page 10x.

So here is all you need to know about LinkedIn. Because the short answer is yes, you need to be on LinkedIn. Your company does as well and so do your employees. Your sales organization needs to be on LinkedIn. Social selling, yes, that’s a thing and this LinkedIn thing really does work. Besides there are no more secrets. You want to talk with the CFO, CEO, CMO, District Manager, Store Manager or down in the trenches worker bee.

They are on LinkedIn. Look them up. Engage with their posts, maybe start with a thumbs up on something they post. Next you may want to invite them to connect. Don’t get all anxious if they accept and go right for the let’s schedule a follow up meeting. Maybe next you comment on one of their post. Wait to see their response. Follow up with a message referencing it was great to connect, you appreciate the information they share, you see that you are mutually connected to Bob and would they be interested in a follow up conversation?

To determine how good a fit LinkedIn is for your business. I will give you the best example possible of how I got interaction for DOYO Live (or at least 1-way). I did a search of a 65-mile radius around Youngstown, Ohio. And I set up the advanced search looking for people that had a “marketing” in their title. This could be any level. VP, Director, Manager, etc.

I ended up finding 350,000 people within 65-miles of that zip code. Guess what, market research. I just validated two things. 1-Critical mass in my target market. 2-Look at all my new friends I can begin to target!!!

In this case, it makes a whole lot of sense for met to be on LinkedIn both personally and a company.


Ask yourself does my business do the following?

  1. What is the gender make-up of my target market? Pinterest users are 90% female.
  2. 90% of healthcare decisions start with online search.
  3. The majority of household healthcare decisions start with Mom.
  4. Guess why some of the largest communities on Pinterest and any social media following are pediatric hospitals.
  5. Does my business revolve around food, beverages, a combination of the two?
  6. Craft
  7. Makers
  8. Fashion
  9. Food

If so I would say that if you want to get your content in front of the right eyeballs then yes, you better. I would almost venture to say you are likely to get a great deal of engagement on Instagram and Pinterest if you have a targeted market at female buyers.


It is almost like rap, it is a young person’s game. However, Jay Z is still making music so why can’t I…If you want to follow me on SnapChat – @dennisschiraldi. On SnapChat you have an opportunity to tell micro-stories with pictures or videos, engage with others and build an audience.



The Cascade Effect

I will leave you with this final thought…I like to what I describe is the cascade effect of social media marketing. If you feel the need and the research supports it. And you must. I personally recommend going to one social media platform or in some cases re-focusing and backing off the other sites. Dominate that one site. Ask yourself the following:

  1. Do I post consistently?
  2. Log in daily?
  3. Read reviews?
  4. Engage audience?
  5. Like, Share and Comment on other business and people’s post.
  6. Review insights to see how your posts are performing.
  7. Is your audience growing?
  8. Is your audience engaging?

If you can check to all those boxes and if you are dominating the competition I’d go look for a 2nd social media site to implement into your business.
Thanks for reading our blog, we’d love it if you could share this with a friend and tell us what you think!!!


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