The DOYO Live Marketing Show- The State of Entrepreneurship with Genna Petrolla

DOYO Live Marketing Show this week was all about entrepreneurship with Genna Petrolla, an economic development planner with Eastgate Regional Council of Governments. On a special Thursday edition of DLMS at our second home, Branch Street Coffee Co., Dennis sits down with Genna and discusses the state of entrepreneurship and economic development in our area.

Entrepreneurship in the Area

Genna, an area native has recently over the past few years decided to move from Cleveland back to the Mahoning Valley, an area she believes has a passion for entrepreneurship and can see it thrive here. She believes many people around our area get what it takes to be an entrepreneur, but she also believes they are learning from many different circles, and one thing Genna is working to do is close that gap. Genna has set up home to work in a collective capacity with entrepreneurs in the Mahoning Valley is for Entrepreneurs, a group of organizations, working with the goal in mind to provide better support and knowledge for local entrepreneurs. She will basically work with you and your business from the ground up. We need to strengthen the ecosystem, Genna says, we need to forge something and create a place for new ideas. By closing the gap she mentions earlier, individuals like herself and many others want to educate kids, and existing companies and teach them to find a problem, solve it in a creative way and for that, a business can be profitable. If anyone is interested in learning more, it is highly encouraged to visit Here you can browse the site, and send Genna an email to talk!

Thank you, Genna, for being on our show this week!

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