The DOYOLive Marketing Show- How Technology in Online Media has Revolutionized the Entertainment Industry with Steve Fazzini

In this episode of The DOYO Live Marketing Show, Steve Fazzini, local entertainer, sits down with Dennis Schiraldi to discuss how technology in the world of online media has revolutionized the entertainment industry. In a new series, called Fireside Chats at Stonefruit Coffee, Steve talks about how performing in the entertainment industry as a singer for over 10 years has enabled him to grow with the ever-changing world we live in with technology. He has been able to witness the vital role that technology has played in helping him expand his name and inevitably provide his brand with great opportunities.

Once Steve decided to follow his passion he took a note from his favorite romance singers, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin and follows the Great American Song Book when he entertains, which he gracefully gives us a glimpse of his talent throughout the DOYO Live Show. With such musical talent, Steve is one of the top sought-after performers in the NorthEast, Ohio area.

Technology Movement

Steve Fazzini believes that the technology movement can be beneficial for any entertainer in the industry. He explains how such platforms as Youtube and Soundcloud have personally benefited him. Youtube and SoundCloud can have the potential to expand artists’ business by opening many doors in a new way. No longer does an inspiring musician have to travel to Nashville to make it big, or keep sending demos out but have the courage to sit in front of a computer and upload a music video to Youtube. Another impact made to the industry through technology is the many apps created. It makes it more accessible for musicians to connect with each other and also if need be to find each other. The platform of Facebook, allows musicians to upload videos or perform live. Giving their audience a first-hand experience through their screen. With an upload of a Facebook video is an easy way to show off your talent, and build your reputable brand with likes, shares, and comments.

The Power of Networks 

With such websites as and, Steve tells us how his SEO has increased substantially with his brand presence on these entertainment sites. With putting your brand as a storefront on these websites it allows for your brand to get recognition to specific audiences searching for entertainers. It also is a key part of expanding your brand because having a link on such a reputable site builds trust with potential clients.  A customer looking for entertainers can watch videos of your performance, see photos, and the most important,  it can drive them back to your personal website. Your website is where they can see the authentic version you customize for your brand. Steve believes this is a crucial part when trying to book gigs, and gaining an authentic reputation.  One thing Steve points out is to always drive your customers back to your website because that is where you have complete control of your content and this will drive your SEO presence and help your analytics.

Music in Marketing 

One of the key parts of marketing is music, explains Steve. It creates a sound canvas to any advertisement. It also allows for an emotional impact on any brand. He encourages us to listen to any jingle and name that brand associated with it!

We would like to thank Steve Fazzini for joining us on today’s DOYO Live Marketing Show.


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