The DOYOLive Marketing Show- Video Marketing with Bill Rusu

In this episode of The DOYOLive Show, Bill Rusu stops by to talk about how video marketing is a key element to any brand.

Bill Rusu, the founder of Pebble Media and Shop Local Mahoning Valley, is known in the community of spotlighting the positive business in the valley. The purpose behind such a website is to focus and promote the positive in Mahoning Valley, explains Bill, there are so many local businesses with live music, cool art, and good coffee that is just waiting to be showcased. It is important to stay involve and build a sense of community with locals.

Videos on Facebook

The way one utilizes facebook videos can make an impact on a brand. Shop Local Mahoning Valley is organically making strides in their recognition through videos on Facebook. Bill explains how most of his reach is organically acquired but also putting a little money behind your videos is never a bad thing. Boosting posts has seen his impressions of the 185,000 range, and only costing him roughly $40 a week. One crucially thing of any video is to make sure to capture your audience within the first few shots. Today with attention spans decreasing a video of 90 secs will be watched 45 secs and then moved on to the next. If your first shot is not interesting you will lose out on engagement. Another important tip Bill mentions is consistent with posting. He stresses to post at the same date and time every week so the audience becomes familiar and starts to anticipate the next video!

Tips for a Good Video

  1. Audio will tell a difference between an amateur and a professional video.
  2. Your mike distance is crucial.
  3. Lighting for a video is a key.
  4. Optimize resources you have. You do not need a professional video for everything, reuse content to generate buzz.
  5. Social media can play a huge role when it comes to building an audience and it will also help build engagement with local business.

Bill explains how he started Pebble Media and the meaning behind his company. He wants to tell a story with the people in his videos and that is why you will see most of his videos are shot documentary style. He believes it is more important to know the why behind a business then solely just knowing the product it sells. One note he wants to stress is that people in the community need to support the business in the area that they have. Pebble Media is expanding the knowledge of local entrepreneurs and he hopes that making an impact will promote local shops.


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