The Startup Story of Bootstrapping Disruption in a Digital Market

By: Danny Catullo

Can you really launch a bootstrap business in a digital landscape? Danny’s done it. However, in order to succeed with a new business during this era, any savvy business owners needs a solid strategy. Bootstrapping is tough work and comes with its fair share of bumps on the road, but Danny is ready to share his success story with DOYO Live attendees in 2017.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the recipe for successful bootstrapping
  • Development of channel partnerships to enhance your marketing strategy.
  • The secret to sustainability in an ever-changing digital marketing.

Danny Catullo is the owner of Catullo Prime Meats and has been well recognized for his use of digital marketing to grow his butcher business. In 2011 he met up with Ross Morrone (a DOYO Live year-1 speaker). Ross started working part-time at Danny’s 3rd generation butcher shop as a side job on the weekends. What would eventually grow from there was over $500,000 in online sales and two more businesses.

Danny will give an inspired, highly energetic talk on the foundation of the partnership, marketing strategy and the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur.

Their newest venture,, was born from the school of hard knocks and with the vision of a service that would help small perishable businesses like Catullo Prime Meats be able to sell their products on a national scale. Since launching in August of 2016, FoodECrave has brought dozens of small to large sized businesses on board and has sold FoodECrave boxes to nearly every state in the country. As their growth continues, they are onboarding new vendors every day and expanding their business to include perishable shipping, logistics, and digital marketing strategy.

It was no small feat, and it didn’t happen overnight. In this presentation for DOYO Live 2017 – The Startup Story of Bootstrapping Disruption in a Digital Market, you will hear about the struggles, strategy, and success of launching a startup company. You will also hear about their failures, which they consider the most important experiences for any startup to go through in order to achieve viable sustainability.

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Meet Danny Catullo, Owner Catullo Meats

Danny Catullo has been speaking the flavorful language of food since he was a child. Upon graduating from The Ohio State University, Danny returned home to be the third generation owner of Catullo Prime Meats utilizing a digital and social marketing approach to customers before many businesses had even given a thought to it. Danny teaches many small business startup classes, lends his advice to small business owners who want to expand their marketing reach and also goes to various schools to teach kids and adults how to cook and eat natural food. He has utilized his expertise to start 2 new business; Perishable Shipping Solutions and FoodECrave.Com. In his spare time, he eats.
You can follow Danny’s food adventures on Instagram



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