The Ultimate Lead Generation Webinar

Sales is the lifeblood of just about every organization on the planet. However to get a new customer you have to start someplace, that’s with a lead.


This webinar is going to be a deep dive on lead generation for businesses and marketing professionals of all levels, on B2B and B2C marketing strategy that will improve your lead generation efforts. Dennis Schiraldi, who has generated tens of thousands of leads and over $100M in sales funnel contribution in his career will be the featured speaker.

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In this webinar we covered at length:

  • Conversion – Gain understanding of how to apply a proven formula on how many leads you will need in order to hit your sales goal.
  • Qualification – Build confidence in your sales team by passing over highly qualified leads using either B.A.N.T. or your marketing automation software like HubSpot, Marketo, etc. for lead scoring.
  • Tactics and Strategy – Coming up with programs can be challenging, we will show you the different tactics we use including webinars, form downloads, networking events, email and more.
  • Tracking – Understand where your leads come from, what programs, but also understanding there’s likely multiple touch points, so where to give attribution on lead conversion.
  • Nurturing – Leads might be non-responsive at the start or go dormant. However it’s important to continue to bring value to those leads until they convert. We will show you what you can do.
  • Technology and Social Selling – Still a buzz word in the selling community, how you can leverage social media, data analytics, email marketing, tracking tools that will help your sales efforts. Sequencing, the use of video…We will at a high-level take a look at the tech stack.
  • Wallet Expansion – Existing customers can represent 80% of your business, putting programs in place to up-sell and cross sell are vitally important, however it’s also important to note the lead generation strategy is different as well. We will show you lead generation programs for existing customers.
  • Follow Up – The marketing to sales handoff, weekly reviews with your sales team, discussing the quality of the lead, conversion are all very important, and touches both frequency and timing are all important factors.
  • Measuring – Looking at leads, conversion and ROI.

In this webinar we will highlight 2-case studies of customers we have worked with on lead generation in both B2B and B2C. And we will answer all the questions above and more.

This will be a free interactive deep dive session into lead generation.


Featured Presenter

Dennis Schiraldi will lead this deep dive discussion bringing 20-years of marketing and sales expertise to the table, with the majority of his experience in revenue-driving positions. Whether generating leads for clients, DOYO Live or the time he spent at GE Healthcare lead billion-dollar healthcare IT divisions lead generation efforts. He’s generated tens of thousands of leads and over $100M dollars to sales funnel contribution in his career.

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