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DOYO Live provides ongoing professional development through our online marketing platform, in-person networking events, workshops and annual marketing conference. DOYO Live also provides day-to-day marketing strategy, management to a wide range of clients, typically involving content media strategies via web, emails, social media, partnerships with more traditional media companies and sponsorships that create awareness and generate leads for our partners.

DOYO Live founder Dennis Schiraldi is an early adopter of social media marketing strategy, dating back to 2006 when he took a medical imaging practice and launched an online campaign, including the use of Facebook and Twitter. That seems normal now, but YouTube videos on MRI machines were anything but the norm over 15 years ago. Since he’s helped countless businesses both directly by working with brands on their social media marketing efforts or through workshops, online classes, free webinars and the annual marketing conference. Dennis is ready to help you. Complete the form above and let’s get started.