Want to Get Better at Sales? Remember to Create Micro Touchpoints, Bring Value and Always Be Opening!





By Dennis Schiraldi

Do you want to get better at selling? Better yet, how about prospecting in the modern era. Let’s face it, no one woke up today hoping and praying that someone with a title in sales would reach out to them. How do we (those of us in the sales game) change the narrative? Here are some basic tips to start…


Like, Share and/or Comment

Think of all the potential touchpoints and leverage them without being annoying. Simply liking, sharing and commenting on prospects posts on social media (company and individual) is a great way to accomplish this!


Bring Value 

Feature a customer or prospect on a webinar, Facebook Live, video or blog. Integrate them into your content to help create a win-win. This brings them value by creating awareness for their business. 


Always Be Opening

The new mantra of sales isn’t ABC – Always Be Closing. Think of how many doors you can be opening with connections via LinkedIn, be a connector, plug people into one another, build a network so when it does come time to buy you are the one people think of!!!

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