What Can DOYO Do for You? Master the Marketing Secrets of the Pros

If not, you’re missing the prime opportunity to makeover your marketing and grow your business.


This marketing conference is truly revolutionary for the city of Youngstown. We’re bringing together some of the industry’s sharpest minds, both locally and nationally.


We’re demonstrating today’s top digital marketing techniques that you can tackle now.


But what’s in it for you? What can you take away from DOYO Live this year?


We’re glad you asked.



#1: Get Exclusive Marketing Tips Straight from the Source

When was the last time you sat down with a marketing pro from HubSpot? How about SEMRush or TrackMaven?


While it’s great to absorb white papers and blogs, the experience is taken to an entirely new level when an industry leader is sending their message right in front of you.


Hear it with your own ears. Take it in and feel the wheels turn inside your head.


You’ll surely leave with an idea or two—or twenty.


#2: Start Taking Action—Immediately

There is absolutely nothing wrong with goal setting.


In fact, writing down your goals makes it almost 1.5x more likely that you’ll succeed.


While planning is powerful, there is no substitute for taking action.


The problem with a lot of today’s marketing advice is that it’s a lot of smoke and mirrors. There are no actionable takeaways.


You won’t find that at DOYO. Not only will you get marketing tips and ideas, but you’ll also learn how to put those ideas into action.


That’s where the real marketing magic happens.


#3: Mingle, Network, and Grow Your Business

When you attend Youngstown’s largest marketing conference, you can’t help but meet a lot of people.


You’ll meet locals, but you’ll also meet other professionals from all over the country.


This gives you a prime opportunity to make new connections and grow your network.


You might even do business with each other.


Everyone can use a big pool of contacts. What better place to build yours than at DOYO?


#4: Advance Your Marketing Skillset (Pro or Novice)

Whether you’re a corporate social media manager or a small business owner, you can always learn something new in the world of digital marketing.


It’s no secret that marketing grows and changes so rapidly that it’s hard to keep pace.


When you attend DOYO, you’ll learn the techniques that are working right now and apply it to your own marketing skillset.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or a novice. We guarantee you’ll walk away with at least one tidbit to enhance your marketing efforts.


#5: It’s Dedicated to You

Founder Dennis Schiraldi works tirelessly to make DOYO an informative, fun, and world-class event.


As DOYO enters its third year, the conference is continuously improved. It’s designed as the ultimate educational resource for digital marketing.


You’ll find speakers, workshops, and who knows—maybe even your next million-dollar idea.


Still haven’t bought your tickets yet? Get them here.


We’ll see you at DOYO Live 2018!



Amanda Lynch is the owner of Busy Blogs Plus, a content writing company that specializes in blogging and blog strategy. She is a contributor to the DOYO Live blog, a Youngstown State University alumna, and blogs for various business on both local and national levels.