What it “memes” to navigate the Marketing field as a young professional in the world today – Meet Hillary Smith & Christina Denham


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Whether you’ve just graduated from college (hats off to you!), or you’ve recently decided to take the plunge into the field of Marketing (#goodchoice), we’ve been there, and we get it. All the feels! The good, the bad, and quite possibly the ugly. We are two young professionals and besties who would love to share some wisdom that we’ve gained thus far in our careers. We are farrrrr from retirement (what age is that again?) and have much to learn ourselves. But we’d love for you to join us as we “spill the tea” on all things post-graduation, job searching, and workplace experiences. PS: If you love a good meme, because who doesn’t, this is the presentation for you.  

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Key Topics/Takeaways:

  • Post-graduation: So, you’ve officially instagrammed that cap and gown pic…now what? We’ve got you. 
  • Job Searching: That resume, you had to do for that one class…. it’s time to actually use it and stand out. Here’s how.    
  • Workplace Experiences and Takeaways: Whether you love the job you’re currently at or you’re desperately seeking a change, there are always positive takeaways from every experience. Trust us. 

Meet Christina Denham

My name is Christina Denham, and I am a Digital Coordinator and CRM Administrator at Sodexo | Roth here in Youngstown, Ohio.  I have lived in Youngstown my entire life and take pride in the fact that my employer has been located here for 95+ years! Because I truly love the Youngstown area, I attended Youngstown State University for both my undergraduate degree as well as for my MBA. So what exactly does a Digital Coordinator do? Glad you asked! Essentially, I act as a support mechanism for our Business Development Team here at Sodexo | Roth. Needless to say, my day to day is never the same, which I love! At times, I am creating catchy email blasts, crafting fun posts for our social channels, and designing exciting facilities related brochures. At other times, I am traveling to tradeshows, constructing visual presentations for sales pitches, and photographing thrilling events here at Sodexo | Roth. There’s nothing quite like filming a helicopter deliver a massive HVAC unit to a rooftop! Within Sodexo, our parent company, I am actively involved with the women’s support group called SoTogether FM (Facilities Management). I serve as the Co-Lead for the Engagement and Communications Workstream for this group. My team and I help digitally spread the word about exciting things women in facilities in Sodexo are accomplishing. 

Meet Hillary Smith 

My name is Hillary Smith and I serve as the lead Social Media Strategist at Clemson University. I’m a Youngstown native who graduated from Youngstown State University with an undergraduate degree in marketing. I recently graduated in May with my master’s in marketing from Clemson University. Here at Clemson, my focus is all about our paid social media strategies, digital analytic opportunities, accessibility within social media platforms, as well as the day-to-day content shared out across our platforms. In my free time, I volunteer with the American Red Cross of South Carolina as a digital engagement volunteer as well as the Pickens County of South Carolina Habitat for Humanity, aiding them with their social media strategy. I’m looking forward to year two speaking at DOYO!


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